SF Giants spring curve


The Giants got a do-over, playing the Royals at home today.  Madison Bumgarner was on the mound. Remember in the 2014 World Series, when the Royals fans kept begging the Giants to send in Bumgarner and how quiet the stadium got when he walked through those gates in the fifth inning of Game 7? You could hear a pin drop. And he was awesome.

Bumgarner showed the Royals a little more of that awesome in Sunday’s game with a specialty pitch the Royals couldn’t get a bead on. Trouble with the curve. I hear it was a great pitch–I didn’t get to see it, but Jon Miller and Mike Krukow were impressed. Bumgarner pitched three innings and allowed one run on three hits and one walk. He struck out four.

The Giants scored two runs in the third–Joe Panik hit a single, Gordon Beckham followed with a single of his own, they both advanced on Eduardo Nunez‘s fly out and made it home on Buster Posey‘s two RBI single. Mac Williamson hit a solo home run in the third.

The Giants maintained a two-run lead until the Royals narrowed it to a one-run lead in the seventh, tied it up in the eighth and scored the go ahead run in the ninth.

The final score was: Giants 3, Royals 4

I know the games don’t count–I’ve said so every time I write them up. I know it’s just spring–I keep mentioning that too. But come on, we’ve lost 8 games in a row. Time to break out of a streak like that. Unless the guys are just getting it out of their system, then I’m all for it.

The Giants take on the AL champ Cleveland Indians at 12:05 pm Monday. Matt Cain is on the mound. The game isn’t on TV–still doing radio. Tune into KNBR or try MLB.com or MLB At Bat. I’ll be listening to the broadcast through my TV. Oh, the irony.


Toni Cecchetti

5 March 2017

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