SF Giants spring loss

samardzija-03-03The Giants played our cross-bay rivals, the Oakland A’s.  The Giants lost. Second time to the A’s this spring. It still didn’t sting as bad as our one loss to the Dodgers.

I’ll be honest, the A’s racked up some runs–they put up four in the seventh alone–but the first two were just solo shots that made it out of the yard. Jeff Samardzija pitched solid for two innings. The four-run seventh was the result of a walk, a double, a single and a home run.

The Giants scored one run in the eighth–and I missed it. Unbelievable. I listened to the game for over two hours–while the A’s racked up runs–and when the hub of my house (where my laptop lives) got too busy, I took all my other devices (iPhone, iPad) to my room to finish listening to the game.

You know what’s coming, right? I set my stuff down just as Jon Miller announced Kelby Tomlinson, I went back to close my door so I wouldn’t be disturbed, and by the time I came back to my devices, Jon Miller was announcing Kelby Tomlinson. Again. The loop is in my room. Forget it.

I missed the one run the Giants scored. Apparently what happened was this: Kelby hit a single, Gorkys Hernandez drew a walk, Trevor Brown’s single put Kelby on third and when Austin Slater followed up with a ground out, Kelby scored. But I didn’t hear it. No sir.

The final score was: Giants 1, A’s 6

The moral of the story is–baseball has no place in my bedroom. I can take a hint. But I still can’t explain my technical difficulties.

Saturday the Giants play Kansas City–a rematch the 2014 World Series. Both teams will be using some different players because I don’t think the Royals have many of those guys left. We’re down a few ourselves. Clayton Blackburn will be on the mound for the 12:05 pm start. You can hear the game on MLB.com. And if I lock myself in my room, I can hear it again and again and again…

Toni Cecchetti

3 March 2017

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