SF Giants spring short


Brandon Belt legs out a home run

The Giants recorded their first loss of spring. But who cares? Like I said before, it doesn’t count. It was fun listening, though. I heard after the fact that the A’s were streaming the webcast on their page. One of these days I’m going to figure out all this modern transmission sh*t. That’s right. I said sh*t. There’s just no better word for it.

For all those who made fun of me for rushing off to watch the Oscars last night: who’s laughing now? I got to see the water cooler moment of the millenium–Steve Harvey’s gaffe was only good for a century–all I need now is a water cooler and some people gathered ’round it so we can talk about what happened at the Oscars.

But since it’s just us Giants fans, let’s talk about the game. The Giants played the A’s. The A’s kicked it off by scoring two runs on three hits in the first inning–one was a home run–off Jeff SamardzijaKraig Sitton–a 2010 Colorado draft pick who’s been bouncing around the MiLB–pitched the second inning and gave up two runs on two hits and one walk. The good news is he struck out a couple of guys looking.

Brandon Belt hit one way over the right field fence to score a solo home run in the fourth. The scored stayed the same until the seventh, when the Giants tied it up with the help of an old friend. Ryder Jones–a Giants 2013 draft pick–doubled on a fly ball to left with two down, and our old friend Michael Morse followed up with a broken bat RBI single. Juniel Querecuto–a former Tampa Bay Ray the Giants picked up as a free agent–hit a single moving Morse over to second and Justin Ruggiano drew a walk to load the bases. The Giants super hot prospect–Christian Arroyo (keep your eyes on him)–singled a fly ball to center, plating Morse and Querecuto, tying the score.


Giants prospect, Christian Arroyo

The A’s were able to score again–this time off Giants 2015 second round draft pick Andrew Suarez, who gave up two hits and three walks. He walked a run home and returned the lead to the A’s. It wasn’t all bad news, though,  the first out was a pick-off play to second that caught the A’s runner stealing and Suarez struck a batter out, looking. The last out was a pop fly to third.

The final score was: Giants 4, A’s 5

So far this spring, the Giants have done some of their best work in the later innings. The kids coming off the bench are getting the job done. Like I said before, when it comes time to break camp, manager Bruce Bochy has some big decisions to make. Shouldn’t be a problem though–the guy with the biggest head in the bigs also has the biggest brain.

Madison Bumgarner is the starter for Tuesday’s game against the Padres. Game time is 12:10 and will be broadcast on MLB.com or your MLB app. And if anyone finds streaming video on a webcast somewhere, how about a heads up? I know I’m technically challenged, but if I keep trying, one day I might be as adept at this stuff as your average third grader. For the time being it just reminds me of Joni Mitchell. I really don’t know clouds at all.

Toni Cecchetti

27 February 2017

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