SF Giants win their spring opener!

02-24-2017It was a great game, and really great to hear the velvety smooth sound of Jon Miller’s voice. When it wasn’t irritating the sh*t out of me.

There were a couple of minor problems. My WiFi connection thought it was Groundhog Day. And apparently, somewhere on the internet they were streaming the game live, but I couldn’t find it. Between Jon and Jeremy repeating themselves on an infinite loop, losing my connection altogether at times, getting texts about the live-streaming and watching the avatars on my MLB At Bat app, who at one point were all Brandon Belt, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. But none of that stopped me. What was I gonna do, QUIT??? I persisted.

I managed to piece a bit of it together. Giants Ace and starter Madison Bumgarner gave up a couple of runs but he got some work done. Hunter Pence hit a first inning double that scored Joe Panik and put the Giants on the board. I got all this even though my app said Brandon Belt lined out, then took the next spot in the line up and hit the double. Every batter on either team for awhile was Brandon Belt according to my app.

Belt was replaced by Chris Marrero–who played with the Washington Nationals–in the fifth. He doubled the Giants score with an RBI single. Here’s how: Jimmy Rollins, former long-time Phillie, led off the fifth with a walk, advanced to second when Gordon Beckham (former Angels, White Sox, Braves) singled. Marrero was up next and Rollins scored on Marrero’s single.

I missed the eighth inning, but a recap shows Wynton Bernard–former Padres minor league player–scored on a wild pitch with Steven Duggar–drafted by the Giants in 2015–at bat. Duggar hit a double before the inning was shut down.

The ninth inning belonged to Marrero, but it started when Orlando Calixte–he played with the Royals and signed on as an MiLB player–drew a walk, followed by Christian Arroyo–the Giants prospect to watch and our 2013 first round pick–who hit a single. Marrero drove everyone home with a 3 run walk off homer. I could get used to that.

The final score was: Giants 6, Reds 4

We’re back at it tomorrow when the Giants take on the Cubs at noon. Tune into KNBR 680 to hear the game. Or who knows? I might tune in to the Chicago feed and see if Harry Caray is calling the game from an alternate universe. Maybe it will be streaming live on the internet somewhere. How would I know? I’ll be busy looking for rabbit ears and tinfoil.

Toni Cecchetti

24 February 2017

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