SF Giants Extra Torture

10-10-giantswin1000_xgn2knwx_es70ybcxAnother Giants Torture game. I don’t mind them though. Torture means we’re still in it. When the torture stops, it’s over. Kind of reminds me of the old joke-why did the idiot keep hitting himself in the head? Because it feels so good when he stops.

The big difference is Giants torture doesn’t feel better when it stops. It feels worse–much, much worse.

The Cubs struck first, scoring in the second inning when the reigning Cy Young Award winning pitcher, Jake Arrieta, raked a three-run homer, putting the baby bears on the board.

The Giants answered back in the third–Denard Span hit a double and scored on Buster Posey’s single. They scored again in the fifth–this time Denard hit a triple and came home on Brandon Belt’s sac fly.

It wasn’t Madison Bumgarner’s greatest outing. His post season magic wasn’t working for the first time in over 23 post season innings. He pitched five innings, allowed three runs–one was a home run–on seven hits and one walk. He struck out four. It seemed the game was doomed.

And then it wasn’t. In the eighth inning, the Giants gathered up their “magic wandoo” and started scoring Giants-style, moving the line along. Brandon Belt hit a single and Buster Posey drew a walk.  Conor Gillaspie kept the rally going by roping a line drive to right for a triple scoring Belt and Buster. Conor scored on Brandon Crawford’s single. Crawford stole second and advanced to third on a throwing error, but was still on third when the inning was over.

The Giants had a two-run lead with Sergio Romo on the mound to close in the ninth. But we’re talking Giants torture, right? Romo gave up a single and a home run, tying the game. And it’s on to extra innings. Free post season baseball.

The heroes of Monday night’s game were Denard Span and Conor Gillaspie. They were the architects of the scoring runs. To top it off Denard Span made a show stopping–literally, because Bochy asked for a replay review–play when he caught a low line drive to center in the top of the 12th. He kept the ball in his glove, rolled and jumped up with the ball secure. The second base umpire ruled it a trapped ball. Span had that WTF look on his face and signaled to the bench that he caught the ball. After the review, the boys in New York sided with Span and the runner was out.

We suffered through another replay review in the top of the 13th when the Cubs pinch hitter ground into a nicely turned double play–Crawford to Panik to Belt. Again the review went our way. In the bottom of the inning, Crawford led off with a double and Joe Panik drove a hit to center, scoring Crawford for the walk off win. After 13 innings, the final score was:

Giants 6, Cubs 5

Giants and Cubs meet up again at the Cove tomorrow with Matt Moore on the mound for the Giants. Game time is 5:30 pm and the game will be on FS1 again. You can tune into KNBR 680 and hear our broadcasters call the game while watching the Fox Sports feed–go for the Japanese movie-dubbed-in-English kind of  experience just for kicks.

Don’t Stop BeliEVEN.

Toni Cecchetti

10 October 2016

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