SF Giants so close

10-07-9533961-johnny-cueto-mlb-san-francisco-giants-arizona-diamondbacks-850x560Friday night’s opening NLDS playoff game at Wrigley Field was so close, razor edge close–then it turned into a big disappointment. But it ain’t over yet.

Much like Wednesday’s winner-take-all game in New York, Friday’s game was a pitching duel to the death, but with the game winning run scored in the bottom of the eighth instead of the top of the ninth.

The kids–Gorkys Hernandez and Kelby Tomlinson–pulled off massively huge defensive plays, saving the game in early innings. Their contributions cannot be overlooked.

Johnny Cueto was lights out. In fact, I’d have to say he outpitched the Cubs pitcher. Except that one silly pitch in the eighth inning that a Cub sent flying and sent Angel Pagan into the ivy.

Buster Posey gave it his best shot to tie it up with a two-out double in the ninth, but got left aboard when Hunter Pence groundout. The final score was:

Giants 0, Cubs 1

For those who are scoreboard watching, the American League teams–not that we care–are in travel mode, so Saturday’s games are all about the National League. The Dodgers at Nationals game is at 1:00 pm on FS1, and the Giants at Cubs–the game we care about most–is on at 5:00 pm on the MLB Network. Mute your TV and turn on your radio, our guys are on KNBR 680.

Sure Game 1 in Chicago was disappointing, but it’s October baseball and we’re still in it. C’mon, we’ve been througher times than this. Like the week before last.

Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

07 October 2016

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