10-02-downloadI was nervous. I even considered chewing my nails, but that’s never been my thing. So I grabbed Jobu’s rum and a couple of his cigars and settled in to watch the game.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I was concerned about our chances, you know how tough it is to sweep. But I forgot it was October and I forgot who we are. Shame on me. During the game, I wondered where these guys have been since July–but then I realized, who cares? They’re here now and that’s what matters. Giants are made for October.

This weekend the Giants faced the best three pitchers in the Dodgers rotation and defeated them all. Today was Matt Moore’s day. He pitched a fantastic game. Moore went eight solid innings, allowing one run on three hits and two walks. He struck out six.

The offense was brilliant, they came out swinging. In the first inning, Denard Span led off with a base hit and Brandon Belt followed with a double. Buster Posey stepped up and hit a two RBI single scoring Span and Belt. We were off to the races.

In the third, Joe Panik hit a single, Conor Gillaspie doubled, and Matt Moore hit into a fielder’s choice that took Panik out at home. Denard Span came up next and hit a triple scoring Gillaspie and Moore. They were doing what Giants do, picking each other up. I almost cried. Happy tears.

The Giants added on in the eighth when Denard Span led off with a single and advanced to second on an error by Yasiel Puig–the Dodger outfielder all Giants and Giants fans love to hate. With two outs, Hunter Pence grabbed a bat and drove a single to right, scoring Span. Brandon Crawford hit a single that was almost caught but it dropped out of the outfielder’s glove and Hunter Pence made it home before they could gun him down at the plate.

10-02-mlbf_1200742283_th_45I don’t always mention the defense, but this must be said. The defense was fabulous. Two defensive plays stood out–Conor Gillaspie’s head first dive into the photographer’s well, hanging on to the ball even after he dropped all the way in. He came up glove first and in one piece. Denard Span made an amazing catch in center field that included a long run to the wall, the catch and a roll–keeping the ball in his glove the entire time.

Sergio Romo closed the game by giving up a single and getting the next three batters out. The final score was:

Giants 7, Dodgers 1

Today was a special game. Not just because we #beatLA, or excuse me, pulled a clean #sweepLA, but because it was legendary broadcaster Vin Scully’s last MLB broadcast. The voice of the Dodgers is retiring. The Giants organization gave him a classy send-off that included CSN-Bay Area broadcasting his call of the game during the third inning.

10-02-mlbf_1201031083_th_45Our broadcasters paid tribute to Vin by leading the crowd singing Vin’s favorite song–Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch.  As much as we love Kruk and Kuip–and you know I do–they can’t sing any better than me. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Using both hands.

It was a great game and a great day to be a Giant. I said Saturday that I like our chances. We needed the win to eliminate the Cardinals. Either that, or we needed our old friend Ryan Vogelsong to lead the Pirates to a win against St. Louis. Vogelsong did his very best and when he left the game after five innings, the score was 2-1 Pirates. But the Pirates relief pitchers didn’t hang on to the lead and ended up losing to the Cardinals 10-4.

The Giants celebrated the win with champagne and new shirts that said “Made for October.”

10-02-cueto1000_winning_cx7m5x8j_w4ecvnvnIt took all 162 games to get a Wild Card spot, but we did it. The Giants are off to New York to face the Mets for a one game wild card play off Wednesday. Let’s win there. Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

2 October 2016

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