SF Giants-the hunt is still on

09-26-pencewrap_imycn6tp_pqo5olt12xBefore I talk about our game, I want to talk about the tribute the Miami Marlins paid to their Ace, Jose Fernandez, gone too soon. It was a heart wrenching, tearful, fitting tribute to their fallen brother. It made me bawl like a baby. The team gathered around Fernandez’s mound–all wearing Fernandez jerseys with his number 16. A solo trumpet played Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and the Mets met the Marlins on the field to offer condolences.

Then it was time to play. Dee Gordon was up first and in a personal tribute to his good friend, stepped into the right-hand batter’s box wearing Jose’s batting helmet. He imitated Jose’s stance as best he could and took a pitch for his friend. Then he switched to the left-hand batter’s box–which is where he hits–and sent the next pitch over the wall. His first home run of the season. Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon gave Gordon the moment and waited until Gordon finished his home run lap and passed through the gauntlet in the dugout before re-taking the mound. Classy move.

After the game was over, the Marlins won 7-3, the team gathered around the mound again, arm-in-arm to say their good byes. They left their hats on the mound.

It was a beautiful, moving, classy tribute…and I never want to see another one like it. Ever.

I’ve been pretty vocal about our guys crummy second half. The game and tribute I witnessed last night made me realize how lucky we are. Sure, I’d love to have an extra month of watching Giants baseball. But the Marlins put things in perspective for me. Our guys are all here, they are all whole and healthy for the most part. I’m grateful they’re safe and I’ll enjoy watching them play–whether it’s for 6 more games or 18 or somewhere in between.

The Giants paid tribute to Fernandez by hanging a jersey in the dugout–with his name and number 16–for Tuesday’s game. Speaking of number 16, our own number 16–Angel Pagan recorded the first out Tuesday night by catching a fly ball to left.

The Giants started scoring right away. In the bottom of the first, Brandon Belt doubled and scored on Hunter Pence’s single. In the third Belt tripled and scored on Buster Posey’s ground out.

Denard Span led off the fifth with a double and scored when Belt hit a single that caught Belt at second when he tried to stretch it to a double. Buster smacked his one-thousandth hit, driving it over the left-center wall–right into the hands of the Dawg, the Giants ubiquitous fan. Buster Posey’s good friend Hunter Pence liked it so well, he did the same and Brandon Crawford hit a triple, scoring on Angel Pagan’s single.

Angel Pagan opened up the bottom of the seventh with a single and scored on Joe Panik’s double. Buster Posey drew a walk in the eighth, Hunter Pence singled and Brandon Crawford’s triple drove them home. Crawford scored on Angel Pagan’s ground out and Joe Panik followed with a triple. Conor Gillaspie roped a home run to right, scoring them both.

Matt Moore was fantastic. He allowed one run on six hits–gave up zero walks–in 7 ⅔ innings. He struck out 11. Nice night. Josh Osich pitched the ninth and allowed two runs. The final score was:

Giants 12, Rockies 3

Scoreboard watching: The Mets took Tuesday’s game over the Marlins 12-1, the Cardinals beat the Reds 12-5.  You see the theme here? All three teams in the hunt for the Wild Card spots scored 12 runs in their games Tuesday. Which just means we’re all holding steady with the Mets a half game over the Giants in the first Wild Card spot and the Cardinals a game in back of the Giants for the second spot. The hunt for Orange October is still on. It’s a closely held contest.

Wednesday’s game starts at 7:15 pm with Jeff Samardzija on the mound for the Giants. The game will be on CSN-BA, ESPN (out-of-market only) KNBR 680 and KKSF. Don’t miss it. And Don’t Stop Believing.

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