SF Giants win some, lose some

09-25-421giants-padres-baseballThat’s our second half nickname–”Winsome and Losesome.”

I’ve been scoreboard watching all day, or more precisely, baseball watching. And not just the Giants, but the other teams who are in the hunt as well.

Teams like the Dodgers–who clinched the NL West with their 10th inning walk off win over the Rockies. I can’t begrudge the Dodgers their win–chances were they had a lock on the title after our second half struggles. But before you string me me up with orange and black rope, hear me out–this was Vin Scully’s last home game as the “Voice of the Dodgers” and the win was for Vin. They had to bring this one home.

I didn’t watch the Mets, but from what I read, the Phils could have been spared some pain if the umps had imposed the Little League “mercy rule.” The Mets prevailed, 17-0. If the mercy rule had been applied, the game would have ended in the seventh. But the game when on and the Mets added on in the eighth–six runs. That’s just overkill. And it makes no difference to the Phils–a loss is a loss is a loss whether you lose by one run or by ten. We should know.

The Cubs saved our bacon with a 3-1 win over St. Louis. That leaves us in the hunt for a Wild Card spot, with the Mets a game ahead of us in the first spot and the Cards a half game behind us for the second spot.

The Giants lost today, but even with the loss, we are–by some miracle and an amazing first half–still in it. Ty Blach did a good job today in his debut as a rookie starter. I think he held his own. He got into some sticky situations, but worked his way through them, keeping the game within reach. The final score was:
Giants 3, Padres 4

The good news is Brandon Crawford came back. The bad news is Eduardo Nunez left the game with a hamstring issue.

Sunday began with tragedy and ended in sadness in the sports world. The Marlins Ace, 24 year-old Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident in Miami early Sunday morning. Sunday evening brought the news that the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer, died at the age of 87. May they both rest in peace.

We have Monday off, then we’re back in the fight–facing the Rockies at AT&T Park Tuesday at 7:15 pm. I’ll see you after the game. Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

25 September 2016

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