SF Giants-the hateful eight


I guess the title is misleading. It should be the hateful ninth. Time and time again we’ve cheered the Giants through eight innings of close ball games. Only to have the game fall apart in the ninth inning. We lead the league in blown saves. We can’t close the deal.

They announced the line ups. It felt like a play off game instead of a mid-September game. Actually to me it felt like WS game 7. I told BFF Vickie “I think I’m gonna barf.”  I was that nervous.

I kept telling myself if it was like a playoff game, we had the right guy on the mound. Nobody does playoffs better than Madison Bumgarner. And he was brilliant, as advertised.

The Giants drew first blood. In the top of the third. On two outs, Eduardo Nunez tapped an infield hit that made it past the Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. Nunez had to belly slide into first to beat the second baseman’s throw. With Angel Pagan at the plate, Nunez stole second on a belly slide and when LA’s catcher tried to gun him down, the ball went into center field and Nunuz popped up and ran for third. He made it, by belly sliding into third. Kershaw threw a wild pitch and Nunez–in a heads up play–scored a run. A run scored on a soft infield hit. It’s happened before.

That was our only run scored. We knew it was going to be a close game. A real pitching duel.

Bumgarner pitched a magnificent game. He went seven innings with one hit and ten strike outs. He and Puig got in a little dust up, but the fight was broken up before any real damage was done. It may be what ended his night and had our bullpen take over. We all know how that turned out. Bumgarner looked very unhappy when he left the dugout. I think we all felt his pain. He did everything he could to win the game, but the Dodgers won in a walk off in the bottom of the ninth anyway. The final score was:

Giants 1, Dodgers 2

Another ninth inning loss for the Giants. We had this game all the way through the eighth. We just can’t seem to come out of the ninth unscathed. It was a real heart breaker.

Tuesday’s game starts at 7:10 pm on CSN-BA, KNBR 680 and ESPN2. Tune in. It’s Johnny Beisbol’s turn on the mound. However it turns out, I guarantee it will be fun.

I tried to get away from scoreboard watching, but I have to admit, with two weeks left in the regular season, I can’t look away. I’m just keeping my eye on three teams. St. Louis, the Mets and of course, LA. St. Louis won, the Mets lost and we all know what happened with the Dodgers. The Dodgers magic number is seven–a combination of LA wins and Giants losses equaling seven wins the west for them.

We’re tied with St. Louis for the second Wild Card spot. The Mets are half a game up in the first Wild Card spot. We still have a chance. Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

19 September 2016


Happy 80th birthday Noni. This one’s for you.

I think of you and miss you every day.

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