SF Giants Home Again

09-12-mlbf_1161766983_th_45I think the aliens are back. You know the ones I’m talking about…the Invasion of the Giants-snatchers at the half. I didn’t mention that as one of my theories for the Giants fall from first to worst, but I should have. They played like they were possessed by aliens who don’t know the first thing about baseball.

They showed up again at AT&T Park Monday night and took all the Giant-ness out of our guys. The bats weren’t hitting hard enough or they were trying to hard.

The amazing thing is, we played the Padres who are in dead last and three games from elimination. This is what happens with September ball. The teams who are in the hunt get hamstrung by the teams with no shot.

Jeff Samardzija pitched six innings and allowed four runs–one was a home run–on eight hits and one walk. He struck out six.

The Giants had five hits–including Samardzija’s double in the fifth–but no runs. We made some solid contact, but almost every one of them found leather.

We were shut out by the Padres. Their big hit was by our old catcher, Hector Sanchez, who hit a home run in his old yard. The final score was:

Giants 0, Padres 4

The good news is the teams that are breathing down our necks in the Wild Card race–the Mets and the Cardinals–both lost their games today too.

The bad news? The Boys in Blue beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. What’s wrong with the Pinstripers? They’re supposed to be having a late season surge. Sure didn’t show it today.

Tuesday’s game starts at 7:15 pm and will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Albert Suarez is pitching. Who knows? Maybe it will be all about the rookies. I know what I’m all about, you do too. Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

12 September 2016

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