SF Giants still crazy after all these games

09-08-r123161_576x324_16-9I know you heard this a million times. What’s the definition of crazy? Albert Einstein defined insanity–or, what I’m calling crazy–as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

By this definition Bochy is certifiable. But I’m not here to bash Bochy. I won’t have it for four reasons:

  1. Bochy has been doing this a long time and he’s not doing it for the personal accolades. Evidence? He was named NL Manager of the Year once–back in 1996 when he managed the Padres. Dusty Baker won the award three times in San Francisco and Bochy hasn’t.And Bochy put some rings on it. He keeps right on plugging along.
  2. 2010-when they said we wouldn’t
  3. 2012-when they said we couldn’t
  4. 2014-when they stopped questioning the magic

Need I say more? He’s done an incredible job against some stacked odds. So no Bochy bashing allowed.

What gives with our guys then? I don’t know, but I have a few theories, from the “wildly wacky” to the “hmm…maybe.”

First, the wildly wacky. This one is my personal favorite because it’s the wackiest, weirdest and I made it up myself. Here goes:

The other 29 teams had a meeting. They got together during the All∗Star Break and came up with a strategic plan to stop the Giants. They compared notes and ideas, strategic ways to take the Giants down. Shared how pitches are tipped, what hitters like and how to hit us where we ain’t. They got sick of hearing “it’s an even year, it’s all Giants.” They’re jealous.

I know it sounds paranoid and very weird. You have a better explanation? I’m telling you, this idea has teeth.

Second, also wacky, but not so wild. I’ve offered this theory before, and on the pain of repeating myself I offer it again.

Things fell apart when we traded Matt Duffy. I know we came back from the All∗Star Break and went right into a skid, and I know Duffman’s trade was a couple of weeks later, but we went into slides earlier in the season and pulled out before any harm was done. Who’s to say that we would have pulled out of it August 1st, but the clubhouse was shell-shocked by the Duffy trade? Team chemistry changed. Giants no longer had the winning formula.

Last, probably the most reasonable, the “hmm…maybe” is the one Kruk mentioned the other night during the game.

The guys no longer trust each other. Something happened in our clubhouse to cause the Giants to suddenly start playing for the name on the back of the jersey rather than the name on the front. The evidence is there, almost imperceptible really, but if you look closely, you’ll notice it. This was my AHA! moment: the other night Buster was playing first and Panik was at second. Crawford, naturally, was in at short. One of the Rockies popped up a little fly that was headed for the spot between Buster and Panik. Buster moved over to make the catch, but Crawford flew across the field to catch the ball right in front of Buster. Even Buster looked a little stunned.

What’s the answer? Depends on the question. Switch things up, shake up the line up, have a group therapy session. Maybe try someone else as closer.

After that, do what I suggested in Wednesday’s game blog–do the Hunter Pence sunflower seed dance and have a Bochy bbq. Can’t hurt.

Most of all, the Giants need to believe in each other again. And the rest of us? Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

8 September 2016

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