SF Giants Sunday, bloody Sunday

09.04 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Chicago+Cubs+PxCfDR7s-T6lAnother torture filled game. We knew it would be when the Giants scored first in the top of the second. Hunter Pence reached on an error, Brandon Belt drew a walk and Jarrett Parker’s ground out moved them over a base. Hunter scored on Eduardo Nunez’s RBI ground out.

We collectively held our breath as the Giants held their 1–0 lead until the bottom of the fourth when the Cubs tied the score.

Johnny Cueto pitched seven innings and gave up one run on five hits, one walk and struck out five. He pitched a great game–like it was the first half  of the season–and he should have gotten the win. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

The Giants took the run back and pulled ahead again in the fifth. Nunez hit a double, stole third and scored on Ehire Adrianza’s perfectly executed suicide squeeze. The Giants held the lead through the ninth.

In the bottom of the ninth Santiago Casilla gave up a lead-off double, the runner advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on a bloop single to tie the score. Casilla got out of the inning after walking another hitter and with a runner in scoring position. Even though he blew the save–he didn’t give up the winning run. The Giants still had a chance.

It took four extra innings to end the game and the Cubs did it in a walk off. The final score was:

Giants 2, Cubs 3

That was a heart breaker. We had the win and held on to it with both hands until Casilla pitched the ninth. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Sunday’s game gave us some good news and some bad news. First the bad. Buster Posey got banged up by the Cubs “All∗Star” (I say it with a smirk, my lips are still chapped about that one) short stop. He hit Buster with his back swing one time and then, to add insult to injury–he dropped his bat right on Buster after getting a hit. The home plate umpire told him he owed Buster an apology. Keeping my fingers x’d that there was no real damage.

More bad news–Brandon Belt took a ball off the back of his helmet. With his concussion history, that could be a problem. He played the rest of the game, but after watching Joe Panik exhibit concussion symptoms after days of being asymptomatic, it could still be a cause for concern.

The good news–Joe Nathan pitched like it was 1999. Not his velocity, of course–after all, he’s 41. Wow, wish I could say that. Still, he’s a seasoned veteran and I hope his next outing is just as good. If he keeps it up, we can all party like it was 1999.

More good news–the Giants played good defensive ball. I don’t know what it will take to get the offense going, because if we can’t count on the bullpen consistently, they’re going to have to score more runs. We need the insurance.

The Giants had to get on a plane–a tired, and most likely not a happy flight–to head for Denver where they face the Rockies Monday. The game starts at 1:10 pm  and will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. It’s Labor Day. Summer’s ending and it’s time to get serious. But whatever you do, Don’t Stop Believing. We can still have fun, too!

Toni Cecchetti

4 September 2016

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