SF Giants Chances Are…

09.02 mlbf_1126550883_th_45I thought our best chance to win a game in Chicago would come Thursday night. Jeff Samardzija was pitching in his old home ball park and the Cubs pitcher was a new guy whose road tests were iffy at best. We could fill a whole world with things I’ve thought that ended up being miserably wrong.

I thought the Cubs would have a lock on Friday’s game. Jon Lester was pitching for the Cubs, and although the Giants ate him alive the last time they faced him, Friday I was sure he would be looking for blood. The Giants had the rookie pitcher in this game and he didn’t stand a chance against a veteran like Lester.

Turns out I was kind of wrong about our rookie. He was magnificent–for two complete innings. He wound up coming apart a little in the third, but he limited the damage to two runs and kept the Giants in the game. He pitched brilliantly in the fourth and fith. He pitched five innings total, and allowed two runs on three hits, two walks and struck out three.

Unfortunately, I was kind of right about Lester. The Giants offense was named Hunter Pence. He was it. He hit a solo home run in the seventh. It was the Giants first hit of the game–and it came on two outs–breaking up Lester’s no-hitter. Brandon Crawford followed with a double only to be left standing when the inning ended. Trevor Brown hit a double in the eighth that left him on base when the inning was over. The final score was:

Giants 1, Cubs 2

It was a frustrating day for the Giants and no one felt it more than Eduardo Nunez. Every time he hit the ball, it found a glove and in the seventh, it ended the inning with a runner in scoring position. He threw down his bat, his batting helmet and basically pitched a fit. I think the home plate umpire sympathized–he just stood by quietly watching Nunez’s meltdown and didn’t move to toss him.

I understand too. I want to do nothing more than throw my laptop through the TV when we have games like this. But we have to accentuate the positive. What’s the positive here? Our rookie took on a World Series champion, All∗Star pitcher and held his own. Not bad Suarez, not too bad at all.

File this under Tough and Dedicated: Trevor Brown–aka Brownie–came down with the crud and ended up at the hospital after arriving in Chicago in the wee hours Thursday morning. He was scheduled to catch Thursday’s game, but because he was so sick he couldn’t play. He still didn’t feel 100% Friday, but played anyway. And got one of the three Giants’ hits of the game. Tough kid. His nickname may be Brownie, but he’s no cream puff.

Saturday’s game starts at 11:20 am with Madison Bumgarner pitching for the Giants. Tune in to CSN-BA or KNBR 680 to cheer the guys on. They need everything we’ve got.

And, by the way, Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

2 September 2016

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