SF Giants Panik Attack!

08.28 Braves Giants BaseballI don’t know if you missed me or not, but I had a family dinner Saturday night, and I didn’t watch the game closely. I saw bits of it when I glanced up, but I really didn’t pay attention. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like where the score was going and it was just easier to lose myself to the distraction of family gossip and funny stories. I have a great family and I had a great time. But I didn’t write a blog post.

I was watching Sunday though. Couldn’t tear my eyes away–the Giants were playing the way we love to see them play. Singles, doubles, triples and balls flying out of the park or up against the wall like it was AT&T bandbox, instead of the pitcher’s park the Giants call home. Three doubles, four triples and four dingers. I don’t remember the last time that happened, if ever.

It wasn’t Madison Bumgarner’s best outing, but it sure wasn’t his worst.That’s ok, the Giants were hitting enough to get him the win. He allowed three runs (one home run) on five hits, two walks and he struck out five.

Atlanta was the first to score with a lead-off triple, that scored on a sac fly in the bottom of the first.

Brandon Belt hit a lead-off triple for the Giants at the bottom of the second. Jarrett Parker’s ground out scored Belt, and tied the game. Joe Panik’s solo home run gave the Giants the lead. Parker hit a single in the bottom of the fourth and scored on Panik’s second home run of the game. Eduardo Nunez hit a single and scored on Denard Span’s two-run dinger.

In the sixth, Atlanta led-off with a single that scored when their slugging first baseman hit a two-run home run, narrowing the gap on the Giants lead.

The Giants blew the game wide open in the eighth. Buster Posey drew a walk, Brandon Crawford tripled him home, Belt walked, and Parker tripled both Brandons home. Panik’s sac fly scored Parker and Nunez hit a solo home run. Conor Gillaspie hit a triple and Span was hit by a pitch. Gorkys Hernandez doubled, scoring both Gillaspie and Span. Buster drew another walk, Crawford singled and Belt singled, scoring Hernandez.

The Braves scored another solo home run in the ninth. The final score was:

Giants 13, Braves 4

It was a true Panik attack–Panik, Span, Nunez and a bunch of their friends. Great game.

The Giants have the day off tomorrow and I’m taking it too. I’ll be back for more Tuesday when the Snakes slither into town.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate our Giants win Sunday. They played like a team in the Hunt for Orange October. I hope they find it. One thing is for certain, as Giants fans, we–Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

28 August 2016

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