SF Giants Moore! Moore! Moore!

Matt Moore

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Moore throws during the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

I spent the day watching baseball. It was either that or politics on CNN–I’d rather watch paint dry.

Matt Duffy and the Rays played this morning and the Duffman was a big part of their 2-1 triumph over Boston.

This afternoon, St Louis played the Mets and there was a call on the field that still has me scratching my head. Here’s what happened:

The Mets were up. Yoenis Cespedes was on first and Adam Wainwright was pitching for the Cards. The hitter blooped a single into left and Cespedes went from first to third. The outfielder got the ball to third, Wainwright was covering and applied the tag to Cespedes on the bottom of his foot as he slid into third. Cespedes came up standing on Wainwright’s glove–which still had the ball inside. Wainwright fell back and his hand came out of the glove. Cespedes was called safe. Mike Matheny, Cardinals manager, asked for a replay review. The call on the field was confirmed. I’m assuming the reasoning was because Wainwright no longer had control of the ball since it was in his glove and Cespedes was standing on it. Here’s a clip of the play in case you’re curious:

Maybe you have a better idea of why he was safe. If you do, let me know

The game of night was our game in LA. Right from the beginning you could tell it was going to be a Giant night. It was a 0-0 tie game thru three full innings. Then the greatest thing happened–Brandon Crawford hit a single, advanced to second on Eduardo Nunez’ ground out. Brandon Belt singled him home. Joe Panik brought Belt home with his two-run homer. And the Giants put a crooked number on the board.

Panik drew a two-out walk in the sixth, Matt Moore reached on an error, and Denard Span hit a single scoring Panik.

That’s not the best part, though. Not even close. The story of the night was Matt Moore who took a no-no into the ninth on 133 pitches. He gave up a bloop single with two outs in the ninth and Santiago Casilla came into the game to secure the third out for him on one pitch. The final score was:

Giants 4, LA 0

Matt Moore was great. Matt Moore was superb. He couldn’t have done it alone, though. The defense was on their toes–but standing on his tippy toes, going above and beyond was Denard Span. He made not one, but two unbelievable plays–both looked impossible–keeping the no-no intact. The relief and gratitude lit up Moore’s face like neon.

It was a Giant night. It was a magical game to watch. And even though the no-no was no more, Moore left the mound with a huge smile. It was a helluva night for the kid. He was happy with the result. So were we. Welcome, Matt Moore, to Giants baseball.

I think this game might go a long way to turning things around for us. I know I felt different when the game was over and I bet the guys did too. It could be just what we needed.

Friday’s game time is 7:15 pm and will be on NBC Bay Area and KNBR 680. The Giants are playing the Braves back in AT&T Park and Jeff Samardzija is on the mound. Get your orange on.

And whatever you do, Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

25 August 2016


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