SF Giants third base blues

08.24 mlbf_1092531183_th_47

Brandon Belt and Ehire Adrianza complete a strike ’em out, throw ’em out double play that started with  Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford.

I still miss Matt Duffy. I’m not crying, I told you I’d have the sniffles for awhile. I made it worse by watching his game today. You know how when you were a teenager–you suffered a heartbreak and spent hours and hours listening to old records that reminded you of your sweetheart? Maybe only if you were a teenage girl. Anyway, you just couldn’t imagine a world without her/him, so you spent hours making yourself even more miserable. Same theory applies.

You think we have a tough time with other announcers? I watched the Tampa Bay feed on MLB.tv and during Duffy’s AB, every time he got a hit, the broadcast network took the opportunity to use his AB to demonstrate baseball plays. When the demonstrations were over, you could see old #5 running to first. Unbelievable. He contributed a couple of hits in his five AB’s. The Rays beat Boston in extra innings.

Speaking of old third baseman and Boston, Pablo Sandoval was at the Trop today since Boston was in town and he’s been working out at their ST facility in Florida. He showed off his new 22-pound lighter self. I guess he’s decided to get back into the game next season. Good for him.

I don’t really want to live in the past, but I’m starting to think we got snakebit when Duffy got traded. I have read posts on Facebook of people suggesting that theory, and every time I thought “nah”. Lately though, I wonder if they might be on to something. We’ve been in trouble since the All∗Star break and although Duffy wasn’t traded until two weeks later, it could be the guys are in a funk because he was placed on the DL June 20th and then he was gone. Our home grown infield was dismantled.

The irony? Tropicana Field is where he got broken. Now it’s his home field. I miss the DuffMan.

I’m not suggesting we send Matt Moore back–even if we could–although his outing tomorrow may make others feel that way, but not me. I’m not even ready to suggest that. I hope his outing tomorrow is the answer to every Giants fan’s prayers.

Wednesday was a Johnny Cueto start and Cueto was great. Our defense was great. Our bats were even doing well. We just couldn’t string enough hits together to score a run. Or a hit that would go over the wall. We came so close. It was a frustrating night–even Buster Posey showed signs of frustration. The sad part is we had six hits and the Dodgers only managed to get five, but Justin Turner–the Dodger’s third baseman–sent one of their hits yard. The final score was:

Giants 0, LA 1

You seeing a theme here? It’s all about third base, about third base, about third base. Sing it with me.

Thursday’s game starts at 7:10 pm, like I said–with Matt Moore on the mound. The game will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Looking forward to it.

Keep your chin up and Don’t Stop Believing.

Toni Cecchetti

24 August 2016



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