SF Giants Ace folds

08.23 usa-today-9431623.0 (1) A Madison Bumgarner start means one thing to me: when he’s on the mound, I like our chances.I was hoping for more Tuesday night, but it wasn’t our night. OK, it wasn’t then it was, then it wasn’t, then it was…you get the idea.

The Dodgers started off the scoring first, but the Giants jumped in pretty quickly to tie up the score. The Dodgers pulled ahead, the Giants tied it up. I’m starting to sound redundant. The Dodgers rookies–guys we’ve never even heard of–hit home runs, one off Bumgarner and one off Javy Lopez.

Here’s the good news: Angel Pagan is better, he played today and continued his hitting streak; Brandon Belt found his swing.

The bad news: Gregor Blanco was placed on the 15-day DL and  the rest of the Giants couldn’t get the bats going in long enough to score a few more runs–except Denard Span who sent one over the right field fence in the bottom of the ninth. The final score was:

Giants 5, Dodgers 9

Scariest moment of the night: Buster Posey took a foul ball to the chin in the bottom of the eighth that would have done some major damage if Buster wasn’t wearing a helmet. As it was, it looked like he kept trying to adjust his jaw after the trainer came out and gave him a look-see.

I did what I suggested to everyone else–I sent tweets to all the guys on Twitter. I don’t know that it helped, but it sure as heck didn’t hurt. I’m going to go ahead and send tweets after the game and tomorrow too. Anything to build some energy.

Wednesday’s game starts at 7:10 pm with Johnny Cueto on the mound for the Giants. The game will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Get your dreads on–everyone loves a Cueto start. #johnnybeisbol

Toni Cecchetti

23 August 2016

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