SF Giants-we love you!

08.21 giants_jeff_samardzija_no_hits_mets_through_6_innings_m12Sunday afternoon I re-watched the SFG Productions video about the 2014 Championship. I got misty. It drove home something I mentioned the other day: We Love the Giants and we need to let them know–just like voting–early and often.

Every time they play in AT&T Park, they get energy from the fans. From now, to the end our 2016 run forever, we need to let them know we’re with them. No matter what. Like it says on the electronic sign that surrounds the park: Let’s Get LOUD! Really loud. Let them know we’re there.

If you can’t get to the park, but you follow some of the guys on Twitter, send them tweets, before, during and after the game. Don’t expect a response, just let them know you’re with them. Together We’re Giant. If you aren’t on Twitter, sign up. It’s not rocket science.

Sunday’s game was a heart breaker. Jeff Samardzija pitched a no-hitter going into the seventh-it would have been a perfecto, but the Shark got a bad call that walked Thor. Either way, it ended in the seventh. Not happily, I might add. The ESPN announcers wouldn’t shut up about his no-hitter. Broadcaster jinx.

The Mets lead-off hitter in the seventh drove a double to left that not even Gregor Blanco could reach. Yoenis Cespedes was up next and hit a high fly home run out to left. I liked the Mets so much better when Cespedes was on the DL.

The Giants managed to squeak a few hits out of Thor, but got caught stealing a couple of times and never closed the deal. The final score was:

Giants 0, Mets 2

It’s ok. We’ve been in tough spots before. These guys know how to get it done. Plenty of baseball left. Don’t give up now, and whatever you do–Don’t Stop Believing. Play Ashkon on infinite loop if you have to. I do. We Are the Champions.

We’re headed to La La Land to take on the Boys in Blue. According to the schedule, Madison Bumgarner will be on the mound. Good. We could use our fearless Ace right now. Send good thoughts their way–and tweet them something nice if you can. See you all Tuesday.

Toni Cecchetti

21 August 2016

PS  if you send the guys a tweet–make it nice, show support. We’re the 26th man like Bochy says, so let’s act like it.

08.21 14079687_10105170944851962_4573412000943884644_n

So proud! Fellow St. Mary’s alum (she graduated many years later-her mom, who is standing to her left was a few years behind me), Demi G, threw out the first today. Nice throw, Demi!

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