SF Giants Cain’t

568Pirates Giants BaseballI have to hand it to the Giants–this season is starting to read like a good old fashion mystery. It’s got most of us scratching our heads.

We lost today’s game for reasons no one can explain. It was there, until it wasn’t.

The Giants scored two runs in the first when Angel Pagan hit a double and scored on Buster Posey’s single who scored on Brandon Crawford’s double. In the third inning Angel and Buster both hit singles and scored on Crawford’s triple.

Matt Cain pitched an amazing first four innings–he gave up one hit and struck out four. He was the Horse–vintage Cain. Then, in the fifth, for reasons no one can fathom, the Horse pulled up lame. Cain hit the first batter he faced, then walked two more to load the bases. He walked the next batter too, walking in the Pirates first run. The next hitter’s base hit scored two more runs and after that, a sac fly tied the score.

Andrew McCutchen was up next–before this series he was snakebit–and he hit a two run home run to give the Pirates the lead. The fifth was the only inning the Pirates put runs on the board.

The Giants loaded the bases for Buster in the ninth, and although Eduardo Nunez scored on Buster’s grounder, Buster didn’t get credit for an RBI because he hit into a double play. The final score was:

Giants 5, Pirates 6

Look on the bright side–Angel continued his hitting streak. 15 games so far. Stay hot Angel Pagan! I guess that goes without saying.

We don’t expect to win every game. We don’t expect to win every series. We don’t expect to win the NL West, the NLDS or the NLCS. Most of all, we certainly don’t expect to win the World Series. For some reason, though, it’s starting to feel like that’s exactly what we’ve been expecting. It’s an even year. We were in first in the NL West at the All∗Star break. Yada, Yada, Yada…

We’ve gotten spoiled. We’re focusing on the end game and not appreciating the road we have to take to get there. We’re forgetting to enjoy the game for the joy of the game itself. We’re not having fun. We need to stop focusing on where each game will get us and start looking at each game as it takes us wherever we end up. Let’s face it–watching the Giants play and lose is better than not watching the Giants play at all.

Maybe Hunter Pence needs to pull us all together and shower us with sunflower seeds. Or maybe we should do it ourselves. Let’s stop focusing on the win or lose and start focusing on the fact that we get to watch these guys play one more day. We’re watching the boys of summer.  Win or lose, we should be spittin’ seeds and blowing bubbles. It’s still summer.

Thursday night we open a four-game set against the Mets. Madison Bumgarner is on the mound. Game time is 7:15 pm. You can watch the game on CSN-BA or listen to it on KNBR 680. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for a chance to visit with fellow fans. Spit some seeds, blow some bubbles. Follow the link:


I’m not going to talk about where we are in the NL West or where the Dodgers are–because frankly, who cares? I will try to focus on the game itself. Who’s with me?

Toni Cecchetti

17 August 2016

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