SF Giants and fans: I apologize

08.14 core_promoIt’s me. Seriously. I think I’m the jinx.

You all know how crazy super-superstitious I am. I know you think I’m nuts, but the baseball gods sent me a message. No. It was not “if you build it, he will come.” It wasn’t even a voice in the dark.

It was much more subtle than that.

Friday night I watched the game–sporadically–it was the beginning of a busy weekend for me. It was hit and miss and I didn’t write about it because 1) I didn’t see enough of it to talk about it–I only watched the 1st, 2nd & 3rd–the O’s had a 4-0 lead when I had to give it up, 2) we lost AND 3) I was tired of talking about our losses.  I’ve said as much as I want to say about losing. The final score was:

Giants 2, Baltimore 5

I didn’t watch Saturday’s game at all. We all know how the turned out. You see where I’m going with this? The final score was:

Giants 6, Baltimore 2

I didn’t think I’d get to see Sunday’s game either. But I was wrong. I was really excited because when I checked on the score, we had a 7-1 lead.  I got home in time to catch the last inning. Casilla was on the mound, one out to go. Apparently the O’s scored a couple of runs while I was in transit. I wasn’t worried though, it was the 9th inning–it was over. And then BLAM! The O’s hit a three-run home run, giving them a one run lead. The final score was:

Giants 7, Baltimore 8

Do you see the pattern here? I have to stop watching the games. I hope the baseball gods will give me a special dispensation to listen to them on the radio.

The Giants are still clinging to the consolation prize–LA is holding at one game back.

The Pirates come to town Monday and our old friend and fan favorite, Ryan Vogelsong is pitching for the Bucs. He faces our newest guy, Matt Moore. Much as I love Vogey–and you know I do, I still get the sniffles when I hear his “I will always, always be a Giant” speech–I’m rooting for Moore.

Game time is 7:15 pm and the out-of-market folks can watch it on the MLB Network. The home towners can catch it on CSN-BA. For those of us who are being sent to our rooms without a TV, as always it’s on KNBR 680.

Join the boisterous Facebook group at SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for good fun, good beer and good food. Bring your own. Follow the link:


PS–It could also be we win the games where we dedicate a Giant statue to a former Giant. Maybe we could make do that more often.

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