SF Giants big deal, no big deal

08.08 hi-res-4d7b76e958ed47da258d85fab203c416_crop_northMonday was a day of big deals. No, not trades, just plain old big deals.

It’s a big deal when your manager gets sick and has to spend the night in the hospital. Manager Bruce Bochy wasn’t feeling well Sunday night and landed in the hospital. He probably watched the game from his hospital bed. Giants fans sympathized, nobody felt great after Sunday’s loss.

Ron Wotus managed the game Monday. Wotus was great–he managed the pitching switches perfectly, which turned out to be a big deal in a 14 inning game. Wotus used seven of eight pitchers from the bullpen. The only pitchers who didn’t get in the game were Javier Lopez and the other starters. Except Madison Bumgarner, of course, who brought in to pinch hit.

Cueto didn’t have a great outing, but in the long run, other than for his personal stats it doesn’t really matter, and he seemed just as happy as the rest of the guys with the win. Who isn’t. He pitched five innings, allowed five runs on six hits, one walk and struck out five.

14 inning games are a big deal too. Our guys traveled from DC to Florida, put a huge disappointing loss behind them, spent half of Monday’s game under the Marlins thumbs–or fins, I guess–and broke out in the seventh inning like the Giants we used to know.

Speaking of the seventh inning, the Giants bats came to life in the seventh with back-to-back-to-back-to…you get the idea, six consecutive hits–Denard Span singled, Angel Pagan singled, Brandon Belt doubled, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Hunter Pence all singled–with no outs until Joe Panik hit a sac bunt advancing the runners. Belt’s RBI double scored Span and Pagan, Posey’s RBI single scored Belt and Hunter hit an RBI single scoring Buster. Good inning. Tied the game.

Kind of a big deal–Hunter Pence’s good friend Buster Posey got into a fight with the third base and the base won. It wasn’t pretty–he did a nose dive in a head first slide and stopped the slide with his face–and he may have jammed his finger in the melee.

But the main deal? The BIG DEAL? Our RBI guy who not only played a great game of defense, but he notched seven hits in the game. Seven. It’s a lucky number. Getting seven hits in one game is historic. The last time it was done in the NL I didn’t have to pay to put the natural coloring back in my hair. I wore a catholic school uniform. I drove a ’62 Buick Special. Some time has passed. BCraw is the fifth big leaguer to get seven hits in one game and the first to do it since 1975.

The really, really, really big deal was Crawford’s last hit came in the top of the 14th inning and it scored the winning run. The final score was:

Giants 8, Marlins 7

No big deal after the fact–but kind of a big deal going forward–we’re still leaving those bases loaded or with RISP. The guys have to find those clutch hits. Soon. We won Monday’s game, but so did the dreaded Dodgers–they remain one game back.

Tuesday’s game starts at 4:10 pm and Matt Moore will be on the mound for the Giants. Maybe he’ll like pitching back in Florida,  in the friendly, atmosphere-controlled confines of Marlins Park, although he didn’t do so well when he visited before. But that was then. And he’s a Giant now.

The game will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Join the fun and friendly Facebook group in SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat and play Arm Chair Bruce Bochy with the best in the bigs. It’s Tuesday. We’re doing Red’s Tamales. Follow the link:


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