SF Giants-Bumgarner deals, offense folds

08.07 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Washington+Nationals+Zj6vl-K42PflMadison Bumgarner pitched a practically perfect start. He went eight innings, gave up one run (a home run) on two hits, two walks and he struck out seven. He was brilliant. He even got a base hit. But he didn’t win. Neither did the Giants.

The whole game boils down to this: through six innings, Bumgarner gave up one hit–a double in the sixth that went nowhere fast. Bumgarner was only two pitches into the seventh when the Nats hitter took him yard. By all accounts it was a good pitch, away and off the plate, but the hitter got enough of it to hit it out.

The Giants wasted a lot of opportunities, but the most frustrating one came in the top of the seventh, while the teams were still scoreless. With Denard Span on third and Angel Pagan on second, Belt sent a ball back, way back in center field that was on track to score both base runners. The Nats center fielder managed to track it down and make an over the shoulder basket catch that was unbelievable. The final score was:

Giants 0, Nationals 1

There was a point earlier in the game–the fourth inning–when Buster led-off with a double and advanced to third on Joe Panik’s single to center. There was a lot of clamor about how Roberto Kelly should have sent Buster. Buster is not the fastest guy on the team and it’s easy to question Roberto after the fact. All I know is this–I can’t judge.

The good news is they didn’t sweep us. The bad news is the Dodgers won today. They’re one game back. That sound you hear? It’s their cleats clattering right behind us.

We’ve been on this roller coaster before. At least we have a few wins mixed in with the losses. That’s it for my look on the bright side. I still believe and I’m keeping the faith, but I’m having a little trouble lifting my pom poms today. I’ll be more rah–rah tomorrow.

Monday’s game time is 4:10 pm with Johnny Cueto on the mound. I bet he likes to fish. Let’s hope he lands some Marlins. You can watch the game on the MLB Network for you out-of-towners and CSN-BA for the rest of us. As always, it’s on KNBR 680. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for some Giants fan camaraderie. Pop some popcorn, hang out. Follow the link:



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