SF Giants nightmare isn’t over

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Spagan. A one-two punch that scored in the first.

It seems to just keep getting worse.

When we entered the All∗Star break, we had the best win record in the MLB. Since the All∗Star break we have the worst.

But you know what? We’re still Giants. Win, lose or draw, it’s still the best team in the bigs. Most wins? Not right now. That can change with a good win streak. We know that. We’ve done it already this year.

So am I losing faith? Of course not. Do I still believe? Of course I do. This is not a sinkhole in the Giants road, it’s just a minor undulation. We’ll get over it.

I had high hopes for Wednesday’s game and for a few innings it looked like a dream come true. It turned into a nightmare right after the stretch.

Let’s back it up a little. The Giants kicked off the first inning with Denard Span’s double and Angel Pagan’s single. While Buster Posey was at the plate, Pagan stole second. Buster’s single knocked in both Span and Pagan for a two-run first inning. When was the last time that happened? Things were starting to look up for the Giants.

In the third, Hunter Pence led-off with a single and scored from first when Buster doubled. Buster advanced to third on Brandon Crawford’s ground out and scored on Brandon Belt’s sac fly.

Johnny Cueto was pitching a shut out.

He pitched lights out for six innings, allowing only three hits and striking out nine. Then he led-off the seventh with a bunt ground out that had everyone shaking their heads. He blew his shut out in the bottom of the inning by giving up back-to-back jacks. Cueto gave up two more runs in the eighth, tying the game.  Bochy brought in new reliever Will Smith to get the third out and end the inning.

The game stayed tied through the 11th inning. In the 12th. George Kontos hit the lead-off man with a pitch, the hitter advanced to second on a sac bunt and Kontos walked the next guy. That’s when Bochy brought in Jake Peavy–test driving his new position as bull pen relief–and the first guy Peavy faced reached on an Eduardo Nunez error, loading the bases. The next guy hit a single to end the ball game with a walk-off. Final score:

Giants 4, Phillies 5

The only good news to take away–no fans were tossed for heckling the umpire.

This is where I could take the opportunity to crush my sour grapes about Matt Duffy’s trade to Tampa Bay. I told BFF Vickie that if Nunez keeps committing errors like that, I’ll pay to fly Matt Duffy home myself. Thinking about it, though, that’s the wrong attitude. Eduardo Nunez is a Giant now, and he has my unfailing support, just like every other Giant.He’ll get things sorted out once all the hoopla dies down.

I felt pretty much the same way about Matt Moore. He is scheduled to start tomorrow and I thought “maybe he’ll have a flaw that will allow us to cancel the deal and bring Duffy back.” Like the trade between the Marlins and the Padres–you know, the San Diego pitcher who arrived broken in Miami, so the Marlins boxed him up and sent him back. I don’t want Matt Moore to be broken. I have to stop being a whine-ass. Matt Moore is the third man in our rotation and I’m looking forward to seeing him own that mound. He’s a Giant.

08.03 6f067ec4f6be46fa8a50f66d9f2a753e

Just look at him…such a nice face. I hope he knocks ’em dead Thursday!

I promise I’ll grow up. I’ll stop crying because I hear there’s no crying in baseball. But I can’t promise I won’t get the sniffles every now and again.

Thursday’s game is set for 10:05 am and will be on CSN-BA, KNBR 680 and MLB Network if you’re out-of-market. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat. Have your coffee and a short stack ready–we’re having baseball and breakfast. These are two of my favorite things. Follow the link:


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