SF Giants good day for a win

08.04 920x920The Giants won today. I didn’t. I was in bed today with a 100+ fever. I was freezing cold and my husband thought I’d lost my mind. I had.

I got to watch the game through fits and starts, but it was mostly the background music to my feverish delusions.

All I’m trying to say is I didn’t write my blog. This is my version of me calling in sick. I liked it better (mainly because it’s true) than my dog ate my homework or my grandmother died. You know how superstitious I am–I wouldn’t use the last one if you paid me, it could come true, and both my grandmothers died in the 1970’s.

I’m thrilled we won, Matt Moore had a great outing, and it seems Eduardo Nunez  mended the errors of his ways and made a fantastic play with an almost pirouette-like turn and laser-sharp throw to first to make the out.

Denard Span was the guy, though. He was THE GUY.  His fingerprints were on each run scored, including the game-winning home run in the tenth. How do you like him now?

Final score: Giants 3, Phillies 2

At least they didn’t sweep.

Friday we play the Nationals in our nation’s capital. Game time is 4:05 pm. For the out-of-market group it’s the Friday night game on the MLB Network. As for the rest of us, we can catch it on CSN-BA or KNBR 680. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for a little baseball talk and a lotta Giants chatter. Pick up some garlic fries at Mickey D’s for the game. Follow the link:


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