SF Giants get their bell rung

08.02 1024x1024Let freedom ring. I may sound unpatriotic, but by the end of the game I was a little tired of the fake Liberty Bell recording they play when one of the Phils hits one out of the park. It annoyed me. For obvious reasons.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I closed them.  Madison Bumgarner gave up a single followed by a home run before he recorded the first out. I was speechless. He limited the damage in the first inning to those two runs and I was relieved. I’ve seen us come back from worse.

Then we played the second inning and I deleted Anita Ward’s You Can Ring My Bell from my playlist. I don’t want to encourage any more bell ringing. The lead-off man reached on a Giants throwing error and then Bumgarner got the next two hitters out. If not for the error, the inning would have ended there. As it was, we had one more out to get. Didn’t happen. The good news is the four runs that scored after the second out didn’t affect Bumgarners ERA. They sure counted toward the game score though.

Nobody scored in the third, but in the fourth our big RBI guy–Brandon Crawford–sent a high flyer into the seats for a solo home run. At least we wouldn’t be shut out.

I got my hopes up in the fifth when the Giants staged a magnificent rally. Again, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but this time I kept them open. With two outs, Angel Pagan hit a single. Hunter Pence did too. Buster Posey walked. Ducks on the pond. That brought up our big RBI guy again and he didn’t disappoint. Crawford hit a single scoring Pagan and Pence–chalk up two more to his RBI total. Branadon Belt was up next–remember, this is all happening with two outs–and he hit a three-run home run, tying the score.

Of course the Phillies scored another run after hitting a lead-off double, making it a one-run game, but hey, it could be worse.

The Giants weren’t done anyway. In the sixth, again with two outs, Pagan hit a home run with Denard Span on board, giving the Giants a one-run lead. The bad news is the Giants couldn’t hang on to it, the Phils scored five runs in the eighth. It was the worst. For this game anyway because we weren’t able to do anything about it.  The final score was:

Giants 8, Phillies 13

We won the consolation prize, again. The Rockies beat the Dodgers. The Boys in Blue are holding steady at two games back. The only question I have is: what’s going on with the Rockies? Are they coming after us too?

Wednesday’s game is set to start at 4:05 pm with Johnny Cueto on the mound. In Cueto We Trust. You can see it on CSN-BA or hear it on KNBR 680. Stop by the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for a little baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. The Giants have the baseball covered, you supply the rest. Follow the link:


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