SF Giants did it without me

07.31 maxresdefaultI usually don’t miss a game. Lately, even when things haven’t gone well for our guys, I watch so I can write my thoughts down and share them with you. Sunday was the exception. I was busy doing something else.

Of course, I missed a great game. Oh, I read all about it, saw some highlights and checked out the play-by-play. That’s not enough for me to write it up though. I like to see how far someone runs down a fly ball or how the umpires are calling the pitches and even how the outs are made to see how our bats look.

The Giants won. The final score was:

Giants 3, Nationals 1

My favorite part–even though I didn’t actually see it–was Madison Bumgarner pinch-hitting for Matt Cain in the fifth. Then Jeff Samardzija was brought in to pinch-run for Bumgarner. Samardzija scored on an error. The starting pitcher’s at bat by committee. Who does that? Bochy, naturally.

Baseball is always willing to show you something you’ve never seen before. Until the other day I had never actually seen a triple play, not even on TV–highlight reels don’t count. So today’s pinching pitchers don’t count for me either. Bochy will have to do it again when I’m watching.

The Giants have won two in a row and split the series with the Nationals. It’s a start. The Dodgers won their Sunday game and their holding steady at two games back. I’m keeping the faith.

No game Monday, Tuesday we’re in Philadelphia. See you then!

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