SF Giants: not a disappointment-a disaster

0729 Jeff+Samardzija+Washington+Nationals+v+San+toZJZDnXQk2lFriday night we had our Orange on. We were enthusiastic. We were rooting for the guys. One fan even took the 26th man thing literally and ran on to the field. I’m keeping the faith, but as they say, these are the times that try fans souls.

Did you see the triple play? No, we didn’t turn it, the Nationals did. Here we were, in the bottom of the eighth, bases loaded, no outs. Our big RBI man, Brandon Crawford was at the plate. We’re at least going to score a run or two, right? WRONG. Inning ending triple play. TRIPLE PLAY. Unbelievable. Crawford hit a sharp line drive that was snagged mid-air by the first baseman (first out), he touched first catching Buster Posey before he got back  to the bag (second out), he threw to third, catching Denard Span off the bag (third out).  Dusty Baker had a celebration in the dugout. Good for him.

I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. We scored first. In the bottom of the second, Conor Gillaspie hit a two-out double and Gregor Blanco drove him home with a single to right. Giants take a one-run lead. Yay!

The Giants made another late inning attempt to rally. With two outs, Gregor Blanco hit a single and Trevor Brown followed up with another single. The newest Giant, Eduardo Nunez was up next. He struck out, ending the game. Welcome to San Francisco, Eduardo. Hell of an introduction. The final score was:

Giants 1, Nationals 4

Jeff Samardzija was on the mound for the Giants. He was great for the first four innings, but the Nats started sorting him out by the fifth. Fear not, the Shark is working on it.

To make matters worse, the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks. I know, I know, calm down. Or as we used to say in the 70’s–eat a red. Today’s translation: take a chill pill. What else can we do? We can’t give up. We certainly can’t switch teams–there is no team out there for us. But I gotta tell ya, you know the footsteps you hear creeping up behind us? They belong to the boys in blue. They’re just one game back.

So relax, sit back. We’re in for the long haul and we have a long way to go to get to the end of September. A lot of things can happen between now and then. Step away from the ledge. Hunter Pence will be in the line up tomorrow. We got this.

Saturday start time is 1:05 pm and Peavy has the ball. Let’s hope the Nats take his intensity personally and are intimidated. I know I would be. The game will be on CSN-BA, FS1 and KNBR 680. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat. Pop some popcorn, stay awhile. Follow the link:


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