SF Giants take another step back

07.27 AP_16209737875591The Giants lost again today. The best thing about the game was how quickly it was over. 2 hours, 23 minutes. It was over before we realized we were losing. It was like pulling a Band Aid off a wound–pull fast and it won’t hurt so much.

Only it does hurt. The main reason it hurts is because this was a Madison Bumgarner start. He was great, pitched really well, even got a hit for himself. Bumgarner went eight innings, allowed two runs (1 unearned, 1 home run) on five hits and zero walks. He struck out eight. The problem wasn’t his pitching, the problem was the lack of run support.

The Reds pitcher got the best of our hitters–with the exception of Conor Gillaspie who smacked a home run in the third. The final score was:

Giants 1, Reds 2

The good news is we won the consolation prize. Again. The Dodgers lost too. I do not recommend as a way to secure a championship.

I do, however, recommend patience. We’ve been here before, we might even be here again. We just have to ride it out and wait for the tide to turn. That’s when our ship will come in.

Thursday we play the Nationals. Dusty Baker is bringing his team to his old yard. We got it covered. Johnny Cueto is pitching for the Giants–he’s our best chance to right the ship. Game time is 7:15 and will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat for all things Giant–good and bad. Mostly good. Here’s the link:


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