SF Giants home again, home again

Giants versus Reds

San Francisco Giants’ Denard Span (2) slides safely into second base on a double against Cincinnati Reds’ Brandon Phillips (4) in the first inning at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, July 25, 2016. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

You know you’re at AT&T Park when a gamer babe picks a foul ball and hands it off to a kid, in other parks–can anyone say Minute Maid?–we watched a grown woman snatch a foul ball right out of a kid’s hand.

The Giants game back from their miserable road trip–we needed to use the flashy thing from MIB so we could put that road trip behind us, but you know, in the words of the late, great Yankee backstop, Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

It ain’t over yet, we brought that miserable road trip home.

The Cincinnati Reds came into town and showed off their power bats. They hit three two-run homers off Jake Peavy. Peavy started out well-his first two innings were three-up, three-down, and the third inning could have been if it not for a defensive error. He gave up two of the two-run homers in the fourth, both on a walk and a long ball. In the sixth he gave up a double and and another home run, for the third two-run homer.

The Giants started out looking pretty good. Denard Span led off with a double and Buster Posey drove him home with a single. Then the Giants joined the home run derby and scored two two-run homers themselves. In the fourth Brandon Crawford drew a walk, and Brandon Belt–who is hopefully over his slump–hit it out of the yard over Levi Landing. In the fifth, Denard Span hit a single and Angel Pagan followed with home run–his sixth on the year.

The Reds scored another run in the ninth–no homer, this one they manufactured. The final score was:

Giants 5, Reds 7

I don’t know what to say. Our guys need a shot in the arm. I tried to come up with a reason for their droopy offense, their less-than-stellar defense and I got nothing. All I have is this: no need to get all in a lather about it because there’s plenty of baseball left. Like the old Yankee said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”  And this ain’t over, not by a longshot. Plenty of baseball left.

Tuesday’s game starts at 7:15 pm and will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Matt Cain is pitching. Let’s hope he has a good game.

Join the friendly crowd on Facebook’s SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat to hear about what’s gonna happen, what should happen and what just happened. Monday I gave the group Garlic Fries, Tuesday I’m all about the Crazy Crab’z sandwiches. Show up! Follow the link:



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