SF Giants-Murphy’s Law Rules

07.16 576532086Shoot. That didn’t go at all like I thought it would. We had Madison Bumgarner on the mound, Brandon Crawford in the line up. We faced the Padres already nine times this season and we beat them nine times. What could go wrong? Apparently, just like Murphy’s Law says: everything.

Bumgarner was his usual self as he fanned nine Padres, but not so much when the Padres took him yard or scored on hits and extra base hits. He allowed four runs (two home runs) on seven hits and one walk. Like I said, he struck out nine.

The Padres pitcher pitched a helluva game. You gotta give him credit. We handed it to him the last time he pitched to us and I think he decided to get even. He did a great job. In the second inning our main RBI guy, Crawford, led-off with a double and Conor Gillaspie drove him home with a single to right.That was our only run. The final score was:

Giants 1, Padres 4

07.16 576532056I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but Brandon Belt appears to have a limit. Who would’ve thought? Our Baby Giraffe had had it. Fed up. Hit the wall. That umpire kept calling strikes on Belt that were, simply put–everywhere but the strike zone…letter high, below the knees. Belt finally had enough, threw his bat down and gave that ump a piece of his mind. He got bounced. Good for him. When that ump reviews his strike zone I hope he takes note. It was lousy. Belt struck out four times. I don’t think Belt struck out four times in a game when he was in a slump. Bochy came out to back Belt and he got bounced too. It was the ninth inning. It was over anyway.

Jon Miller and Kuip pointed out how much better Belt knows the strike zone this season. That’s true.  He’s gotten much better at not chasing pitches that are out of the strike zone like some of these clearly were. Frustrating.

Saturday’s game starts at 5:40 pm with Jeff Samardzija taking the hill for the Giants. I’m keeping positive thoughts. You can catch the game on CSN-BA or KNBR 680. Join the fun on Facebook at SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat. Bring your own dinner-make sure you include garlic fries. Beers are on the house. Your house. Follow the link:



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