SF Giants Zany Game

Interesting game. It was kind of like a cross between the Keystone Cops, Dick Van Dyke, Chevy Chase and whoever passes for a physical comedy artist these days. Like I said, zany.

It started right away in the first with a stunt by a Giants fan. Arizona hit a foul ball to right that found it’s way to the stands. A Giants fan, seeing the ball coming, raised her concession tray to block the ball. I guess. Here’s how I saw it:

 baseball: $10   concession food: $75   beer shower for everyone: priceless.

07.09 mlbf_914112583_th_45In the third inning, Angel Pagan made it to first on a two-out single. He took his lead, and with Brandon Belt at the plate, attempted a steal. The catcher threw the ball just as Angel went into his slide. Bam! It beaned him right on the back of the helmet. The second baseman couldn’t get to the ball and Pagan was safe at second. So far he appears to be ok, and even better, Belt hit a triple, scoring Pagan.

When Peavy was on the mound in the top of the fourth, he looked over to the dugout like he was talking to someone there. When Peavy wasn’t looking, Buster got a new ball from the umpire and automatically tossed it to Peavy-whose head was still turned toward the dugout. Scary moment. Even the hitter cringed. The best part was it was a bank shot-it went from Peavy’s shoulder right into his glove. He looked down at it and continued his sideline conversation.

07.09 DIAMONDBACKS GIANTS BASEBALLThe next mishap to occur was in the bottom of the fourth with Brandon Crawford at the plate. He popped up the ball and the Arizona third baseman did the pop up dance, but apparently he didn’t have his eye on the ball. Instead of landing in his glove, it glanced off his shoulder. Crawford had a base hit. Which was nice because Grant Green chose that same inning to hit his first home run in a Giants uni-making Crawford’s little pop up hit pretty important. To add insult to injury, the third baseman was one of the four NL players who last the last spot on the All∗Star team roster to Brandon Belt. No All∗Star love and  beaned by a pop up. Ouch.

We were treated to what looked like a practiced pratfall in the fifth as Javier Lopez trotted up the dugout steps to head to the bullpen. He took a header off the top step and went ass over teakettle. He laid out flat for a second, jumped up and gave the crowd a little finger wave to show he was ok. He pitched for the third out just a few minutes later. I should  mention, Brandon Crawford’s fancy footwork and quick throw to Belt made the out for Javy.

The final upset of the day was in the bottom of the sixth. The Giants scored another run when Gregor Blanco drew a walk to lead-off the inning and then scored on Ruben Tejada’s sharp line drive to left. With two outs, Denard Span hit a fly ball to left that went foul and the Arizona left fielder attempted a diving catch only to face plant in the Giants bullpen. He had dirt in places he didn’t know existed.

This is a highlight reel featuring all the mishaps-

In the middle of all the shenanigans, we managed to play a baseball game. A good one.

Peavy didn’t have a great game, but the defense and the bullpen picked him up. Sergio Romo pitched a perfect eighth with a pop out, a ground out and a fly out. Santiago Casilla earned the save. The final score was:

Giants 4, Arizona 2

Sunday’s game is the last game of the half. After that we have a break so we can watch our All∗Stars: pitcher Johnny Cueto, catcher Buster Posey and first baseman Brandon Belt. Madison Bumgarner will be there, but not pitching because his schedule made him ineligible. I’m still upset about the Crawford snub-I voted for him as much as I could-but I’m holding out hope that Terry Collins will come to his senses and bring Crawford on board. The NL team should have the best defensive shortstop (who ain’t bad at the plate) on the team.

Sunday’s game is scheduled to start at 5:00 pm with Madison Bumgarner on the mound for the Giants. The game will be broadcast on ESPN (oh yay. I’m underwhelmed) and KNBR 680. Join the group on Facebook’s SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat. It’s fun for everyone.Hot dogs and beer for Sunday dinner, right? Follow the link:


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