SF Giants-Snakecharmers!

07.08 Arizona+Diamondbacks+v+San+Francisco+Giants+c0eBdqJ3Q8XlThe Snakes slithered into town Friday and like their namesake, they stuck early, they struck fast.

The first inning didn’t go so well for Jeff Samardzija. The first pitch he threw to the first Arizona hitter left the yard. That’s bad juju.

Arizona scored a second run in the first, put together by singles and walks. By the time the first inning was over, Samardzija had thrown 30 pitches.

In the second inning, Arizona got on base-a single and a hit by a pitch-but nobody scored. Different story in the Giants half.

Buster Posey was up first and the Arizona hurler started throwing AT him, not to him. He came close to hitting Buster twice. The ump issued a warning after the second pitch-whew! that was close-was thrown, this one behind Buster. Manager Bruce Bochy decided to express his dismay at the warning coming a pitch too late and was immediately bounced from the game for his efforts.

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Posey drew a walk. Brandon Crawford was up next and when Amy G asked him later what was going through his mind right then, he said: “I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, when they throw at Buster twice, I’m trying to do some damage. Make ’em pay for doing that…” It was like it was April 15th and Brandon Crawford was an IRS agent. He taxed them and they paid. Twice. Crawford hit a home run ball out to the bricks by Levi’s Landing, scoring payback for what they did to Buster.

Sure, sure. You want to throw at the face of Major League Baseball? Go right ahead. It’ll cost you, though. Our seriously better than an All∗Star shortstop will tax you, right out of the park. Careful, don’t hurt Buster though. If you do, you’ll have Giants fans to deal with and they don’t call us the Lunatic Fringe for nothing.

07.08 iAnyway, a tossed manager and a tie score was just the cup of coffee Samardzija needed to wake up. After that, Samardzija had a great outing, and between him, the Giants defense and the bullpen, Arizona didn’t score another run.

But the Giants did. In the third, Samardzija helped himself out with a lead-off double, All∗Star Brandon Belt drew a walk and Posey reached on a throwing error by the Arizona third baseman that scored Samardzija. Crawford hit a single, scoring Belt. In the fifth, Grant Green drew a walk with the bases loaded that scored Buster and in the eighth, Gregor Blanco extended professional courtesy to his fellow shark and hit a solo home run. The final score was:

Giants 6, Arizona 2

It should be abundantly clear to everyone by now that Brandon Belt made the All∗Star team. There was a Giant effort by the SF Giants-from the front office to the fans-to get everyone to #VoteBelt. I voted online, I sent texts, I tweeted (my apologies for jamming your Twitter feed, but I’d do it again) and we prevailed. Next year when its time to vote for the starters, we need to use the same grass roots campaign to load the infield with Giants. At least they’ll have an All∗Star caliber shortstop along with the rest of the infield. The National League will thank us.

07.08 core_packageSaturday’s game will start at 1:05 pm and will be on the usual stations-CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Jake Peavy will be on the mound for the Giants. Should be a good one.

Join us in the friendly confines of SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat on Facebook to visit, compare notes and swap stories with other Giants fans. Bring your own bubblegum. See you there! Follow the link:


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