SF Giants-two out of three ain’t bad

07.06 image_1467817290_2039438Meatloaf was right. Two out of three ain’t bad. It gave us the series against the Rockies. Johnny Cueto was masterful, he pitched another complete game and when it ended, he did a little hop, skip step to celebrate. He allowed one run, five hits, two walks and eight strike outs.

The defense was great, but the story of the night was the Giants offense. At one point, Buster Posey even got away with stealing second-his fifth stolen base without getting caught. In the bottom of the first, Grant Green drew a walk and scored on Brandon Belt’s triple. Belt scored on Brandon Crawford’s single.

The Rockies put together a rally in the fourth, scoring one run, but after the fourth Cueto allowed them only one more hit-a single in the seventh.

The Giants weren’t done yet though. Buster Posey hit a solo home run in the sixth, and in the eighth, Green singled, Belt doubled and Green scored on a wild pitch while Buster was at the plate. Belt scored on Crawford’s sac fly. The final score was:

Giants 5, Rockies 1

07.06 mlbf_897682483_th_46Tonight we all got to see how the Giants feel about Johnny Cueto-their “winningest” pitcher (13 W, 4 complete games)-when Cueto went through the “High-Five line.” All the other players had taken off their hats and placed them under their left arms, just like Cueto does when he leaves the mound. Cueto grinned when he saw them. On csnbayarea.com Alex Pavlovic reported that Cueto said later: “I liked that. I liked to see that.” #respecr

07.05 474832The idea for the tribute started with Brandon Belt, who called Cueto the “toughest right-hander” he faced before Cueto joined the Giants. So, speaking of Brandon Belt-you know where this is going-have you voted lately? Vote early. Vote often. Vote as much as you can. Next year when the All∗Star voting rolls around, let’s remember to stuff those ballot boxes for Crawford. He was robbed. He’s the best in the bigs and we let Cubs fans send their (not nearly as good) shortstop to the All∗Star Game. Shame on us.

Thursday is a day off. I’m going to put my feet up and enjoy…I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy it. There’s no Giants game-what am I going to do? I know…vote for Belt…early and often.

See you Friday when the Snakes slither into town.

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