SF Giants go Extra! Extra! Extra Innings

07.03 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Arizona+Diamondbacks+l1NI3NOoIEzlThat could have been ugly. The Giants were hungry for another win. So were the Giants fans. Some fans, though, act like we are losing the whole enchilada. And I’m not talking rally enchilada’s.

Let’s put this in perspective first. We are in 1st place in the NL West. Did you hear what I said? FIRST PLACE. We are five games up on the Dodgers. Last year at this time, we were three games in back of the Dodgers. I shouldn’t have to mention our All∗Star catcher. We are sitting pretty. Quit bitching about our bats, our bullpen and our starters. I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to the rest of you. We are having a great season so far and we aren’t enjoying it like we should.

From now on let’s celebrate the Giants, win or lose. They’re our team. We need to accentuate the positive, and-you know what comes next-eliminate the negative. Bochy knows what he’s doing, the guys are doing their best and let’s face it, we are relying on a few rookies and they are doing a helluva job.

The Giants won Sunday’s game. Sure it was a squeaker. Yes it was pure torture–as only the Giants can deliver–and it’s just the kind of torture we love. The kind that has us sitting at the edge of our seats, with our fingers and toes crossed, as we whisper “please, please, please” to the baseball gods. The kind where we live and die on every pitch.

You love it and you know it. So do I. Extra innings? Extra torture. Free. Bring it on. I’m going to keep rooting for our guys. I’d appreciate it if you would too. Stop the negative talk. No more “get rid of so and so” or “he needs to go back down” or my personal favorites: “Bochy needs to…”or the equally obnoxious, “if I were Bochy…” Yeah. If you were Bochy you wouldn’t be making nasty remarks about our guys in public and you sure as hell wouldn’t be reading this.

07.03 744Giants Diamondbacks BaseballThe Giants scored two runs in the third-Mac Williamson’s single scored Grant Green and Brandon Belt; and two more runs in the fourth-Albert Suarez (who pitched a great game) singled, Ruben Tejada doubled and Belt’s double brought them both home.

One thing I need to mention-Brandon Belt played left field. That’s right-he was out in left field. He made an absolutely spectacular catch-all the way to the fence-saving an extra bases hit. Brandon Crawford was his usual defensive self and Jarrett Parker showed his outfield chops when he ran down a fly ball at the wall.

The score was tied after nine and the Giants finally ended the game when Parker led off the eleventh with a walk and Ramiro Pena drove him home with a double to right. Thank you Rookies, you did a nice job. The final score was:

Giants 5, Arizona 4

Now that I’ve exploded my fireworks, I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

We get to have 4th of July baseball at the Yard. Who has it better than us? Game time is 1:05 pm and Jake Peavy is on the mound for the Giants-they don’t make ’em more explosive than Jake. It should be a good game. You can watch it on CSN-BA, ESPN or listen on KNBR 680.

Join the Facebook group SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat. Bring your own BBQ and beer. It’s always a party. Follow the link:


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