SF Giants a win is a win is a win

06.30 lbf_876979883_th_45About time. The A’s kicked the Giants around three nights in a row. The A’s had it coming and the Giants were just the team to give it to them.

Madison Bumgarner, the Ace, did not want a designated hitter. He reminded me of my son, who, when he was a toddler (and still to this day) liked to tell people: “I do it myself” and then he’d cross his arms over his chest and pitch a fit if you tried to tell him what to do or how to do it-or God forbid, do it for him. It was cute when he was 3, but at 33, not so much. He can cut his own damn pancakes, Aunt Vickie.

Bumgarner isn’t that old yet, so it’s still kind of cute when he does it.

When asked by a reporter later if he hit because he felt like he had something to prove, Bumgarner replied, “No. No, I’m not trying to prove anything to anybody. We’re trying to win ballgames, that’s it. That’s all I care about. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks about it. I care about these guys, I care about our fans and we’re here trying to win games. That’s it.”

Bumgarner, you’re my hero.

Thank Bumgarner and the baseball gods he did his own hitting. He was the difference maker. Not just on the mound, like usual, but he kicked off the the third inning with a double, Denard Span drew a walk, Angel Pagan singled and Brandon Belt hit a ground rule double, scoring Bumgarner and Span.

06.30 CmPsAuLVYAMrRw-And that’s how this game finally got started.

Buster Posey followed up with a three-run dinger and Brandon Crawford capped it off with a solo home run. Back-to-back jacks, my favorite. They batted around the order until it was time for Bumgarner to head to the plate again. He popped up for the third out.

In the fourth, Span led off with a double, Pagan brought him home with another double, and Brandon Crawford’s single scored Pagan.

In the ninth, our new recruit, Grant Green, hit into a double play but sparked a two-out rally that led to four walks-two with the bases loaded. Belt’s single scored the other two walkers–Conor Gillaspie and Span.

The A’s kept hitting back, damn whack-a-moles, they just kept popping back up, scoring in the first, fourth, seventh and even two more in the ninth. Lucky for the Giants, we had plenty of insurance. The final score was:

Giants 12, A’s 6

We needed this one. The guys needed this one. Heck, Kruk and Kuip needed this one. We were all starting to get droopy shoulders. Not only that, it’s a  happy flight to Arizona where we face the Diamondbacks with the question: “will Zack Greinke be in the rotation?” The DBacks are supposed to answer that question tomorrow.

Who cares? The Giants have Johnny Cueto on the mound tomorrow and we’re gonna have some fun. Game time is 6:40 pm and will be broadcast on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. Join my friends and I in the SF Giants Game Time Thread & Chat on Facebook to socialize and back seat manage the Giants. Bring your own scorecard and wine. Follow the link:


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