SF Giants plunder Pirates

06.21 rawImageOk, I made a huge sacrifice to Jobu. I offered him fine rum, cigars, Italian rum cake, rum cookies and I even threw in some butter rum Life Savers for good measure. I think others must have given Jobu a bit of rum too.

It sure looks that way–the Giants scored more runs in Tuesday’s game than they have in some of their earlier series games combined. 15 runs! FIFTEEN! Only two of them home runs. Well, one was a grand slam, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It started in the fourth inning–Joe Panik led off with a single, Brandon Belt hit a double and Buster Posey walked–the bases were loaded for our RBI king, Brandon Crawford. Crawford battled the pitcher in an 11-pitch at bat and won by drawing a walk, walking Panik home. Angel Pagan was up next, liked the first pitch he saw and raked it into the center field bleachers. PNC Park owed him that one after yesterday’s heart-breaking “almost” catch. That was his second career grand slam.

Gregor Blanco doubled and Conor Gillaspie hit the second home run of the inning. The Giants scored seven runs in the fourth. Seven! There have been games…never mind. They scored again in the fifth, sixth and seventh–one run in each inning. All Giants-style.

The eighth inning was another big one. With two outs, Ramiro Pena hit a triple and scored on Jarrett Parker’s single. Gregor Blanco singled, Gillaspie hit a single scoring Parker, Trevor Brown doubled scoring Blanco, and Denard Span’s double scored Gillaspie and Brown. They just kept moving the line along.

06.21 576a03dd2d655.imageThe Pirates scored a few runs, but the Giants couldn’t be caught. The final score was:

Giants 15, Pirates 4

PS: Johnny Cueto was fantastic. In six and two-thirds innings pitched, he allowed one run on four hits and a walk while striking out six.

Jeff Samardzija is on the hill today for the Giants. Game time is 4:05 pm and will be on CSN-BA or on KNBR 680.

Join the Facebook group SF Giants!~Game Time Thread & Chat, where you chat with other Giants fans while watching the game. Everyone is friendly and a good time is had by all. Follow the link below:



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