SF Giants plundered by Pirates

Madison Bumgarner, Erik Kratz

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner looks to third after taking a strike in front of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Erik Kratz, before grounding out during the seventh inning of a baseball game, Monday, June 20, 2016, in Pittsburgh. The Pirates won 1-0. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

I blame myself. We had nice streak going and I talked about it. I even pointed out the fact that we had Madison Bumgarner steering the ship, implying we had nothing to worry about. I got cocky about our bats.

The baseball gods always punish the anti-humble.

Bumgarner had a great outing. He gave up one run, and just barely at that. Angel Pagan went after the high flyer, reached up at the fence and snagged the ball right out of the air, only to have it drop out of his glove. He was so close–just seconds from a clean getaway.

Pagan took the glove off and threw it to the ground in frustration–it was, after all, the gloves fault for dropping the ball. It needed some sense knocked into it, because Angel had it, he caught that ball and the glove just let it go.

06.20 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Pittsburgh+Pirates+faiAE4LLz8VlThe Giants never scored a run. This is the part that is my fault. I bragged about our offense. We needed Jobu and I was out of rum. The final score was:

Giants 0, Pirates 1

The Pirates ended the Giants winning streak and the Giants ended the Pirates losing streak. That is NOT my idea of an even exchange.

Johnny Cueto is on the mound today. Game time is 4:05 pm and will be on CSN-BA or on KNBR 680.

Join the Facebook group SF Giants!~Game Time Thread & Chat, where you chat with other Giants fans while watching the game. Everyone is friendly and a good time is had by all. Follow the link below:



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