SF Giants do it their way

06.14 Matt+Garza+Milwaukee+Brewers+v+San+Francisco+9bu44xBl10plTypical Giants game. Nail-biter, cliff-hanger, edge-of-your-seater. Giants TORTURE! The Giants won this one, but they kept our hearts in our throats the whole way. Right up to Santiago Casilla’s last pitch where he caught Milwaukee slugger, Ryan Braun, looking. Whew! Was anyone breathing?

I’m getting ahead of myself. Giants Ace, Madison Bumgarner led the team onto the field and started dealing right away. Three-up, three-down innings through the fourth. He gave up a home run in the fifth to the Milwaukee backstop, who like our catcher, is one of their best hitters. He gave up another run in the sixth on a double and an RBI single. Here’s what his line looked like at the end of eight innings: 2 runs (one was that home run), on four hits and a walk. He struck out eight.

06.14 Milwaukee+Brewers+v+San+Francisco+Giants+MtkEx6yH5w0lThe Giants offense, though? They managed to rack up 12 hits, four walks and a hit by a pitch. I sure hope Brandon Belt is ok–you could hear that pitch hit his foot. The only problem was cashing in on some of those hits.

The Giants gave new meaning to the term “last man standing.” They left 13 runners stranded at the end of the innings. In each inning until the seventh, they left two men on. The seventh inning they left one–but the inning ended on a fairly weird double play. Denard Span hit a line drive that was caught by the Milwaukee third baseman who dropped the ball. Oops, here’s what the third baseman was thinking: 

Uh, yeah, you did. Bad form.

The Giants didn’t get any hits, walks or hit by a pitch in the eighth. For the first time in the game, Milwaukee pitched a shut down inning taking the Giants down in order.

Giants closer, Santiago Casilla, looked good tonight. He pitched the top of the ninth and got the first two hitters out with seven pitches total. It took 11 to get Braun out looking. Casilla was Mr. Cool, Calm & Collected. It was night to see.

Anyway with all those hits, walks, a couple of wild pitches and getting scorched on the foot–Brandon Belt left the game in the seventh, but so far no broken bones–the Giants were able to score three runners, one more than the Brewers. The final score was:

Giants 3, Brewers 2

We’ve got ourselves a day game today. Game time is 12:45 pm and Johnny Cueto is pitching. Catch the game on CSN Bay Area or KNBR 68.

Want to watch the game with a fun group? Join the SF Giants Game Time Thread and Chat on Facebook. Here’s the link:


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