SF Giants a perfect anniversary

06.13 matt-cain-perfect-gameI remember it like it was yesterday. I watched the entire game, but somewhere around the sixth or seventh inning, I knew it could be big.  Kuip and Miller were in the booth. Kruk wasn’t there, and I remember thinking “he should be there for this.” The camera man kept going to the spot where Matt Cain’s wife watched the game with Nicole Vogelsong and Ali Bumgarner. Vogey’s wife cheered and clapped, while Cain’s wife had her hands pressed together like she was praying. All three looked nervous.

I held my breath when hitters sent the ball deep and Gregor Blanco was there–in the seventh–against all odds, to make a spectacular diving catch for another out. Sure Melky Cabrera made a couple of nice catches, including one at the wall, but he’s gone now so I mention him in passing. When the ball was hit sharply to left,  Joaquin Arias fielded it cleanly and as Kuip put it “from deep third,” threw to first to record the last out. I burst into tears. Tears of joy, sure, but it was such an emotional charge, I had to let it out somehow.You try holding your breath for three innings and see if it doesn’t make you cry.

That game took place four years ago today. I’ll never forget it. BFF Vickie was busy and I never called or sent a text to tell her to tune in because I was so afraid I’d jinx it. I think she’s still mad at me.  We came up with a code after that in case it ever happened again, but I’ve forgotten the code. One thing I do remember–you never talk about a perfect game or a no-no while it is happening. There aren’t enough troll dolls to shake or buckets of chicken to sacrifice or enough rum for Jobu once you’ve blown that rule.

Monday night’s game was nothing like that magical night four years ago. Well, there was one similarity: Giants scoring runs in double digits. This was no run of the mill Giants one-run game. This was a blow-out. The Brewers scored five runs and the Giants still beat them by a country mile.

06.13 Milwaukee+Brewers+v+San+Francisco+Giants+7nrdxP4nGbHlLet’s start with the first inning. Denard Span hit a solo home run to kick off the Giants offense. As a start, not a bad way to go. Joe Panik followed with a triple and scored on Brandon Belt’s single.

The Giants scored more runs in the third–Buster Posey doubled Span home and Panik scored on Matt Duffy’s sac fly. Then another in the sixth–Brandon Crawford’s sac fly scored Buster. Still more in the seventh with back-to-back-to-back singles, Crawford’s single scored Belt and Buster, and Gregor Blanco broke through his slump with a two-run single, scoring Duffy and Crawford.

The Giants scored again in the eighth, back-to-back singles to start it off with Belt’s sac fly scoring Span and Duffy’s single plating Panik. The final score was:

Giants 11, Brewers 5

I was rooting for Matt Cain to get the W. He has struggled to get his mojo back and he made great progress before pulling his ham string at the end of May. This was his first game back after being activated off the DL earlier in the day. Unfortunately, he could only go three and two-thirds, throwing 83 pitches, he allowed three runs on five hits and five walks. He struck out three. Alberto Suarez pitched three and two-thirds to earn the win.

Madison Bumgarner will be on the mound for the Giants today. He had a fourth anniversary himself on Sunday–he hit his first major league home run the night before Cain’s perfecto. It was a good week to be a Giant.

Tonight’s game will be on CSN Bay Area–let’s hope both our announcers are ok and able to make it, I’ve missed them–and KNBR 680. Game time is 7:15 pm.

For a virtual “at the Yard” experience join the group on the SF Giants Game Time Thread and Chat on Facebook. Here’s the link:


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