SF Giants mistakes costly

06.05 mlbf_781046483_th_45I talked about taking the loss in stride after losing to the Cardinals on Saturday. I meant it, too. Yesterday’s loss is a little harder to take because we didn’t lose to the Cardinals. We lost to the Giants. The Giants had a tenuous grasp on the win, sure, but the mistakes that were made during fourth inning cost us the game.

The Giants were enjoying a  3-1 lead. I was enjoying it, anyway.  Gregor Blanco drew a walk in the fourth and Jarrett Parker followed-up with a home run to left. The Giants scored another run in the top of the sixth when Matt Duffy singled and advanced to second when Brandon Belt drew a walk. Brandon Crawford’s ground out brought Duffy home.

In the bottom of the sixth, Jake Peavy–who’d been giving us a quality start–gave up a double, followed by another double, a run scoring double. That was legit, making the score 3-2, Giants still in the lead. What happened after that was a series of mishaps, mistakes and an honest-to-God error.

06.05 crop_exact_538304946The first mistake was when Peavy walked the next batter. Manager Bruce Bochy handed the pitching duty to Hunter Strickland, who made the next mistake by drilling the first batter he faced, loading the bases. Bochy called for Javier Lopez to replace Strickland. The mishap came when the first Cardinal Javy faced hit the ball to first–what should or could have been a ground out to first–that bounced off Belt’s glove and a run scored. The run was going to score anyway, after the bases loaded–even if Belt had been able to field the play–but at least there would have been an out. As it stood, the bases remained loaded with no outs.

Bochy replaced Javy with Cory Gearrin. The next Cardinal to the plate was Yadier Molina, the gold glove catcher who runs like he spends most of his time in the squat. He hit the ball to Crawford, who unfortunately committed an error–allowing another run to score and all the runners to reach safely, re-loading the bases, with no outs. Still.

Another Cardinal to the plate and another infield hit. This time Joe Panik fielded the ball and threw to Crawford at second getting the force out. Inevitably, the runner on third scored. Quick thinking on Panik’s part, because his throw to second gave them a chance to make a double play–throwing the runner out at first would have destroyed any double play chances. Good thing too, because that’s exactly how they handled the next hitter and the inning finally ended. Unfortunately it ended with the Cardinals in the lead.

The Cardinals scored another run in the eighth with back-to-back-to-back singles. The Giants didn’t score again. The final score was:

Giants 3, Cardinals 6

Am I upset? I am not thrilled, but I’m not mad. They made some mistakes. It happens. The take away here is this: you can’t make mistakes when you’re playing the National League team the most runs scored so far this season. They will make you pay. Giant mistakes were made and it cost us.

The thing is I’ve never had a completely perfect day in my entire life. Sure I’ve had great days. Days when things went my way for the most part, but not every minute of the day. You know the old saying–timing is everything. The Giants mistakes were inevitable, just made at the wrong time. It happens. Nobody’s perfect.

The guys get today off, and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. They’ve had a 10-day road trip that had so many ups and downs it must have felt like a 10-day roller coaster ride. It’s baseball and tomorrow’s another day.

And I still believe.

#weareSF                 #weareGIANT

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