SF Giants take a loss

06.04 St-Louis-Cardinals-stun-San-Francisco-Giants-Jeff-Samardzija-with-HR-barrageIt was a disappointing loss, probably because I was so sure we had this one all tied up with a pretty bow. I figured this one was a done deal. I forgot this is baseball, not a birthday present–nothing is ever a done deal and there are no guarantees. And you can forget about the pretty bow.

The Giants bats were busy–scoring a run in each inning but the third and I was humming along, thinking: “yeah this is about how I thought it would play.” Until the sixth inning when our bats went flat, but the Cardinal bats did not.

Jeff Samardzija was on the mound–looking very good through the fourth inning.  He opened the fifth by allowing a solo home run, then after a couple of base hits, a three-run home run. In the time it takes to say “St. Louis Cardinals” we had a tie ball game.

Samardzija dealt back-to-back jacks in the sixth, ending his outing.

I don’t know what happened. Once the game was tied, it seemed like the Giants tires went flat and the Redbirds tires were pumped up. All I know is this: I felt sucker-punched.

Now I’ve had a few hours to think about it and I realize the problem is me. I’m making too much of this. The guys went out, gave it their best shot, and things didn’t go the way they–or I, for that matter–wanted. It’s one loss. We had May, glorious May, and I expected it to keep right on going like we were. Silly. It’s just one loss. There will be more.

I’m taking this loss to heart mostly because after his last start, I wanted Samardzija to get the W, I certainly didn’t want to see him get an L. I know it’s gonna happen–they play 162 games, Samardzija will pitch somewhere around 30 of them–hells bells, there will be Ls.

The final score was: Giants 4, Cardinals 7

So we took a loss. I say we do it in stride.

Sunday’s game is the ESPN Sunday Baseball Game–yippee!–another game without our usual announcers. We suffered through Fox yesterday and took a loss along with it, must we do it again? It’s almost too much for words.

Game time is 5:05 pm and it will be on ESPN-like déHjà vu all over again, isn’t it?-and KNBR 680. For those of you who want to chat with other fans, check out the game time thread on Facebook by following the link below:


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