SF Giants good news, bad news

06.03 pence_5

I’ll give you the bad news first. If you haven’t heard this already, skooch over–I’m going to crawl under that rock with you.

Hunter Pence tore the tendon completely away from the bone. Ouch. I get that. Hunter is an all or nothing kind of guy. He takes things head on. Full force. With Hunter there is not try-only do . That’s great for defending and run production, but it doesn’t work out so well for injuries. Fans are crying “what will we do without Hunter?” because it looks like he’ll need surgery and will be out a couple of months. I say we call his brother from another mother–Michael Morse–and tell him to bring his bat.

Actually, all things considered, I think our rookies can handle this. We gotta dry them behind their ears sometime. Hunter will be hanging around, cheering the guys on when he can. It’s what he does. The kids will be alright.

Now for the good news.

06.03 cueto-johnny-giants-grey-pitchWelcome to St. Louis! The Giants started slow, but eventually warmed to Busch Stadium. Hey, here’s a thought–if Anheuser-Busch and Coors are merging, what are we gonna call their ballparks? Random thought, had to ask.

The Giants took a while to get their hitting shoes broken in, but when they did, they were unstoppable. Well, at least til the third out.

The Redbirds managed to score a run off Johnny Cueto–who was not looking his usual Player of the Week self-in the third inning, but that would be the only run for them. Cueto pitched a good game, even through he seemed to be less than comfortable at times.Time to get the Giants bats up and at ’em.

The Giants, who couldn’t put anything together with this Cardinal pitcher, had a go at him in the in the fourth inning–with back-to-back-to-back-to-back base hits. Joe Panik started it off with a base hit, Matt Duffy followed with an out–but it was a productive out, it moved Panik to second. Buster Posey singled and Panik moved to third. The guys just kept the line moving. Brandon Crawford singled, scoring Posey and the Giants took the lead.

For a while it seemed like that was all they would do. Then someone came up with  the idea to get some much-needed insurance in the ninth inning. Gregor Blanco, Jarrett Parker and Kelby Tomlinson all drew walks, loading the bases. Denard Span hit a single, scoring Blanco and Parker, then  Duffy hit a sac bunt scoring Kelby. A very productive out–in fact, the ultimate productive out. The final score was:

Giants 5, Cardinals 1

More good news, bad news. First pitch tomorrow is set for 4:15 pm with Jeff Samardzija on the hill for the Giants. That’s the good news–I’m looking forward to seeing him back in his usual form. Here’s the bad news–the game is being shown on FOX. Aww, do we hafta? Tune into KNBR 680 for the better broadcast.

You can always check out the game time thread on Facebook’s Kruk & Kuip page. Virtually hang out with other fans and watch the ball game. Check it out by following the link below:


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