SF Giants

06.02 posey-buster-bumgarner-madison-meeting-grayThis one is practically writing itself. Yesterday I was worried about the June swoon. Today I don’t even feel faint. The Giants didn’t either.

This morning’s game got off to an early start–I was barely conscious when it happened. Not much happened the first four innings. Or if something did happen I missed it, because I was having a tough time keeping my eyes open, but the fifth inning was a wake up call–like your radio on a hard rock station at full blast. My eyes were bugging out.

It all started innocently enough. Gregor Blanco drew a walk to lead off the top of the fifth. Then, in true Madison Bumgarner fashion, our Ace got to the plate and showed everyone how it’s done–high, deep and outtahere. Denard Span was up next and he drew a walk. So, Joe Panik–who was apparently paying attention when Bumgarner was up–hit it high, hit it deep and hit it outtahere! Starting to see a pattern emerge? Walk, home run, walk, home run. I like it.

Matt Duffy was up next, but he didn’t draw a walk. He got hit by a pitch instead–close enough. When Buster Posey came up to bat next, you know what everyone was thinking. This is our guy. If anyone can hit a home run here, it’s Buster. He did not disappoint. For the first time since 2007, the Giants hit three multi-run home runs in one inning.

Better than a jolt of caffeine, but I was mainlining my coffee anyway. The game went back to being fairly pedestrian. The hero for the day was Bumgarner. He pitched 7.2 innings, allowed zero runs, four hits, two walks and struck out 11.  Kruk said if you pitch a shut out and hit a home run, you win the game. Makes perfect sense–the key is the shut out. The final score was:

Giants 6, Braves 0

Swoon? Hold the smelling salts. We’re good!

It’s getaway day and the Giants have to load up and board the plane for St. Louis. Friday’s game is set for 5:15 pm, with Johnny Cueto–the NL player of the week–on the hill for the Giants. No rest for the weary. You can see it on CSN-BA, or if you’re out of market, on MLB Network, and as always, you can hear the game on KNBR 680.

Join other Giants fans for a dog and a beer–the game runs right through dinner, after all–on the game time thread on Facebook’s Kruk & Kuip page. Follow the link:


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