SF Giants blame it on June?

06.01 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Atlanta+Braves+-YNe5L-kIwtl

When the season began, I absolutely refused to recognized the June swoon this year. But here we are–June 1st–and we go down for a loss to the worst team in the NL.

Oh sure, we lost to them on Monday. I thought Monday was a fluke. Let’s face it, Atlanta is not the toughest team on the schedule, we had one of our best pitchers out there, and he gave up five runs in the second and third. I passed it off as fatigue. They flew in from Denver, got off the plane, slept for a couple of hours and were right back at it.

Today’s loss? Shouldn’t have happened. The guys were off to a great start. Albert Suarez had a fabulous major league debut–until he threw his 70th pitch. The wheels just started flying off the bus. Hunter Pence pulled up with an injury–turns out he strained his hammie and he’ll have an MRI. Santiago Casilla hit a batter with a pitch and completely lost his focus. Casilla allowed a run to score, tying the game. Derek Law pitched great in the 10th, but opened up the bottom of the 11th with a curve ball over the plate that left the yard. I felt bad for that kid. He looked like someone stole his puppy.

I’m gonna say the same thing I said last year: we’ll take two Mays and go straight to July.

The Giants were up four to one going into the bottom of the sixth, but Suarez wasn’t as sharp as he was in the innings before and he gave up a couple of more runs, turning it into a one-run game. All things considered, Suarez had a pretty good outing for his first major league start–which included his own RBI base hit.

The offense was kick-started in the fourth with Matt Duffy’s double followed by Brandon Belt’s home run. Another run scored in the fifth when Gregor Blanco reached on a bunt single and scored on Joe Panik’s sac fly. Jarrett Parker scored on Suarez’s base hit in the sixth.

Is it the June swoon? Too darned early to tell. One game does not a streak make. But I don’t like where this is going. Angel Pagan is on the DL, Hunter pulled his hammie and he was placed on the 15-day DL after the game. Matt Cain is on the DL, Sergio Romo has been on the DL and is experiencing a setback. This is starting to sound like the same old song.

What do we do about the June swoon if it hits us? Not much we can do…but I highly recommend turning around three times, click your heels with each turn, repeating these words each time: I do believe in the Giants, I do believe in the Giants, I do believe in the Giants. If you have some, shake your trolls and kill a bucket of chicken every night. Better yet, smoke a cigar and drink a bottle of rum in honor of Jobu. We need the bats.

None of that stuff will work, but at least it will take our minds off the standings if they go south. Just in case.

I’m sure it won’t be necessary. Starting June 2nd. Game time is 9:00 am–get your breakfast and let’s watch some baseball. CSN-BA and KNBR 680.

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