SF Giants we are SF, we are Giant

My kids are here–they’re good Giants fans, you know I raised them right–I didn’t get to watch the whole game. I was visiting, helping with dinner‒basically enjoying myself.

You know me, though, I wasn’t going to skip the entire game. I missed the part where Matt Cain pulled up with a bad hammie‒and now they’ve placed him on the 15-day DL.

05.27 mlbf_744720683_th_45I was watching in the third inning when Jarrett Parker reached first on an error, then Albert Suarez brought him home with his first big league RBI. Of course, it’s not that simple. Parker was called out at home but a replay review clearly showed him safe. Score one for the good guys. Literally.

05.27 San+Francisco+Giants+v+Colorado+Rockies+HSAArgwxhoelThe Giants  were playing musical bases in the third inning. Trevor Brown hit a single, but was taken out by a force out at second when Suarez reached first on a fielder’s choice. Then Suarez was out at second on a force out when Denard Span reached first on a fielder’s choice.

I watched the third and fourth inning as our newest pitcher, Suarez, gave up double after double, allowing three runs to score. The Rockies scored two more runs in the eighth, this time on singles off George Kontos.

The Giants made a last ditch effort when Buster Posey smashed a triple to right and Gregor Blancos single drove him home. The final score was:

Giants 2, Rockies 5

I got busy for a while, but returned to the game in the seventh inning, just as Kuip was returning from the radio side. I don’t know what started it, but Kruk and Kuip went off on a tangent about being homers. They refer to the Giants and themselves as “we” and that apparently is a no-no for unbiased broadcasting. It was funny when they said: “we sound like a couple of homers, that’s cuz we are, D’oh!”

They talked about about how Hank Greenwald, their mentor, would never approve of using the word we–when calling a game. Greenwald also didn’t allow the use of nicknames.

Here’s the thing, mad respect for Hank Greenwald aside: Kruk and Kuip are the best broadcasters in the bigs. They use nicknames, they refer to the Giants as “we” and we love them for it. Kruk and Kuip were Giants before they were broadcasters. They’ve earned the right to use the word we.

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to ask ESPN, Fox Sports, MLB Network and any other national sports broadcasters for one small favor: leave us alone, go showcase the other teams. We like our broadcasting crew and that’s who we want to hear call our games.

We are a trinity: the Giants have the greatest team in major league baseball‒not the winningest right now, but give it time‒the Giants have the greatest broadcasters in major league baseball and the Giants have the greatest fans in major league baseball. Bruce Bochy refers to the fans as the 26th man. Together we’re Giant and all that jazz.

Today’s game is a day game, scheduled to start at 1:10 pm with Madison Bumgarner on the mound. Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt are back in the lineup. Denard is out, Gregor is playing centerfield and Jarrett Parker is playing left and batting 7th. The game is on CSN-BA and KNBR 680.

I have graduation celebrating to do–not me, I did all my graduating in the last millenia–so I probably won’t have a chance to write about today’s game. I’ll check in tomorrow. If I haven’t over-celebrated, that is.

You are welcome to join other Giants fans to chat about the game during the live game time thread on Facebook by following the link:


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