SF Giants Kruk & Kuipisms

05.00 CMathCxWUAAIrafI’ve received a lot of great compliments, atta girls, general praise and support in the last couple of days for landing on the MLB.com Top 100 blogs.  I’m verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here’s a topic: how much fun are we having on the latest Giants run? or is it called a streak if the Giants have won 13 of the last 14 games? or does the streak mean just the last five-in-a-row? Discuss.

On another topic, since we have the day off, I thought I would reprise one of my first posts ever, called Kruk and Kuipisms. I put down a few, but obviously I could use some help remembering more. Please share your favorite  Kruk and Kuipisms with the rest of us.

Kruk and Kuipisms

Let’s face it. Vin Scully is a legend. He is without a doubt the most revered broadcaster in the bigs. His stories are great, his baseball IQ is off the charts, and his voice…well, let’s just say it’s one of a kind.

Think about it: over the years baseball broadcasters come and go. Very few reach iconic status like Scully. Think Bob Uecker, Red Barber, Joe Garagiola. Some baseball broadcasters have become household names because of their on-air antics or their unique catch-phrases. Russ Hodges (The GIANTS win the pennant! The GIANTS win the pennant! The GIANTS win the pennant!), Harry Caray (those glasses!), and currently, in Chicago, Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson who is as well-known for his unapologetic bias of the White Sox as he is for his “you can put it on the board, yeah!!”

05.00 Kruk_Kuip_originalFor my money the best broadcasting team in Major League Baseball is Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. They are the broadcasting duo for the San Francisco GIANTS. Their popularity is based on their extensive baseball knowledge, their love of the game, their bracing wit, and I think, in large part, to their chemistry. That, and their Kruk and Kuipisms. They play off one another brilliantly. Right about now you’re wondering “what the hell is a Kruk and Kuipism?”

I’ve listed a few. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list-I expect the rest of you gamers to jump in with any I’ve missed. Here they are:

Gamer Babes from Half Moon Bay Naturally, I have to start with this one because it is the very basis of my blog’s  existence. A Gamer Babe from Half Moon Bay, or for short, Gamer Babe, is a female fan of the greatest team in MLB, the San Francisco GIANTS. I don’t know how they came up with the term, but whenever they spot a woman or girl proudly displaying her GIANTS colors, they refer to her as a Gamer Babe from Half Moon Bay.

05.00 Mike-Krukow-Duane-Kuiper-Giantsownage is ownage Kruk and Kuip frequently use this term for both pitchers and hitters. If a pitcher can’t get a certain hitter out no matter where they play, no matter what day it is, or what pitch they throw, that hitter is said to “own” the pitcher. The flip-side is also true. If there is a pitcher that a hitter doesn’t see, no matter what the pitcher throws, or where or when, that pitcher “owns” the hitter. ownage is ownage!

grab some pine, meat! this takes us back to the day when rookie ballplayers were called “meat” as in fresh meat. Kruk and Kuip use it judiciously to refer to other teams’ players, spectators, etc. Pine refers to the bench. They are basically saying “take a seat kid”.

scud a pitches that bounces in front of home plate and is a generally used baseball term.

I wanna get that! I wanna get that! I wanna get that! this is a phrase exclusively used by Mike Krukow to describe his desire for something he sees at the game–a bobblehead, or maybe some food that looks tasty. He says the phrase 3 times very quickly.

He hits it high! He hits it deep! IT IS OUTTAHERE!!! a phrase exclusively used by Duane Kuiper when he calls a GIANTS homerun. It is by far, one of my very favorite sound-bites of all time. I never, ever tire of hearing it!

Giants baseball…TORTURE I know it’s kinda passé to say nowadays, but sometimes it just applies–especially in the ninth inning some days.

05.00 logoThere’s more, lots more. But I want to hear from some of you!

9 thoughts on “SF Giants Kruk & Kuipisms

  1. Katie Watts says:

    There’s always Kruk’s can of corn.
    And eliminating folks.
    And because I don’t remember, who came up with the Magic Wandoo (Wandu?) Was it Jon, or K&K?


    • I love the eliminating folks, Kruk doesn’t use it as much, but I thought it was great when he used it to eliminate the kid who was sitting with Giants fans, but dressed in opponents colors. They thought his antics were too much, and got out the white out pen!


  2. thegreatkatiewatts says:

    There’s always can of corn.
    And, I don’t remember, who came up with The Magic Wandoo (Wandu?), K&K or Jon?


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