SF Giants go long   

05.11 BUSTER HUGS maxresdefaultI see a couple of recurring themes.

One, the Giants could not sort out a couple of young pitchers and their offense was anemic.

Two, a Madison Bumgarner start usually ends in victory. Some way, some how. The game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the final in the series, is a perfect example.

Third, what’s with the 13 inning games?



A Matt Cain start. Giants fans are calling for Peavy’s  and Cain’s heads, have been for weeks. A little patience, please. I know they haven’t had their best outings. I know they haven’t been able to win a game. I also know they gave everything they had in the games they pitched this week, and still lost. They sure didn’t lose because of poor pitching.

There are a couple of things that usually happen in Peavy’s and Cain’s starts. One, they don’t last very long: three, four, maybe five innings. Two, there is usually an inning that gets completely away from them, resulting in five or six runs.

Neither of those things happened Tuesday night. Matt Cain gave a solid, quality start and he lasted eight–count ’em, 8–full innings. Not only that, he kept the game close enough for the Giants to jump in anytime and put a couple of runs on the board. That would have tied the game. He gave up six hits, two runs, zero walks and struck out seven.

Derek Law pitched the ninth and gave up two more runs. The Giants managed to get six hits off the former Astro who gave up 10 runs to the Giants in Matt Cain’s perfecto, but the Giants did not score a single run Tuesday. I’m not saying we have no offense, but the memes are popping up–today I saw one that was a picture of a headstone that said: RIP Giants Offense. Probably created by a Dodger fan. The final score was:

Giants 0, Blue Jays 4


05.11 BUM G 5733cf2305273.imageA Madison Bumgarner start. Everyone tends to get happy when our big Ace is on the mound. I know I do. The Giants got into the game early manufacturing two runs in the second and two runs in the fifth. Bumgarner had a rough first inning–driving his pitch count pretty high as he faced six Blue Jays before retiring them. In the third inning the Blue Jays drew a couple of walks, stole a base, and made it home via the productive out. In his entire outing, Bumgarner allowed one run, three hits, and four walks while striking out five. He pitched six and two-thirds innings.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, the Blue Jays scored their remaining three runs off our bullpen, which got a pretty big work out. But the tying run was a home run in the ninth off Santiago Casilla, out closer.

The game lasted 13 innings. Probably could have gone for days, but both teams benches were chewed through–R.A. Dickey, the #2 man in the Blue Jays rotation was brought in to pinch hit in the tenth.  By the time the 13th rolled around, the Giants were trying to get the last word and the Blue Jays pitching seemed a little wonky.

Brandon Belt, who started the game on the too sick to play list but was brought in during the ninth inning, was hit by a pitch to lead-off the Giants half of the 13th inning. Denard Span attempted a sac bunt, and reached first anyway and a wild pitch sent Belt and Span around to third and second. The Blue Jays intentionally walked Joe Panik to load the bases. Matt Duffy tried to score one and ended up grounding out. Buster Posey kept his cool, waited patiently and ended up with a walk. That’s a walk-off walk. In the thirteenth inning. What a long, strange trip that was. Looks like that meme I mentioned was a little premature. Either that, or the Giants offense has been resurrected. I’ll celebrate it.  The final score was:

Giants 5, Blue Jays 4

We’re off to Arizona where we owe the Snakes a little housecleaning. Let’s hope we can do for them what they did for us the last time they came to our house. Don’t think you’ll get me to say it ’cause I won’t. Yeah, I’m that superstitious. So sue me. Game time is 6:40 pm and will be on CSN-BA and KNBR 680. And I don’t want to see any pictures of any damn brooms.

#weareSF          #weareGIANT

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