SF Giants split the series

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Think pink for Mothers Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Day. All the teams in the MLB showed their support by sporting pink on Sunday, May 8, 2016

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”…”It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness.”  It was the steadfastness of Johnny Cueto, it was the gallant effort of Jeff Samardzija. It was…a split series. At least we took two. I’ve already talked about the first two games, today I’m just talking about the last two.


What a game, 13 innings, no runs scored until the top of the tenth. Johnny Cueto, our Ace in the hole, pitched with true grit. He went eight and a third innings, gave up eight hits, zero runs and one walk, while striking out three. For all that effort, he gets a No Decision.

Reliever Cory Gearrin took the ball in the tenth, allowed  one run‒earned‒two hits and struck out one. That put the Rockies on the board when they tripled on a line drive to right field and the next batter hit a double scoring the runner on third. That was the only run the Rockies would score.

The Giants came up in the tenth with one to tie and two to go home. Brandon Belt figured the triple worked for the Rockies, so he did the same. Brandon Crawford drove him home with a single. Game tied.

It continued on until the 13th inning. At the bottom of the inning, Connor Gillaspie was brought in to pinch hit. He drew a walk. Denard Span drew a walk too–right behind Gillaspie. With two men on and two outs, Matt Duffy doubled into left field. Gillaspie crossed the plate and scoring the winning walk-off run. Although Cueto was left with a No Decision, Derek Law got his first big league win. The final score was:

Giants 2, Rockies 1

Johnny Cueto didn’t get the win, but he was easily the player of the game. He kept the Rockies at bay, kept the Giants in it and he did it all with a smile. He had a little infield hit and as he ran to first he realized the first baseman was waiting to tag him out, so he ran toward the guy with his arms spread wide, like he was going in for the hug or maybe a chest bump. He had a big grin on his face…he was having fun.


Speaking of fun, Sunday’s game wasn’t. I lie–you know the old saying: a bad day of baseball is better than a good day doing anything else. I was just as happy to watch us crash and burn. You know why. More often than not, those guys will come from behind and make the last half of the game more exciting that the first.

Jeff Samardzija worked like a demon, keeping as many Rockies off the bases as he could. In the first inning he gave up a double and a triple allowing the Rockies to score one run. The Rockies scored another run in the third by hitting three singles in a row.

Otherwise, Samardzija kept the Rockies at bay‒he pitched seven and two-thirds, allowing eight hits, two runs and one walk, while striking out nine. The problem? The Giants had plenty of opportunities to score, they just couldn’t cash in. At one point the bases were loaded with one out. Mac Williamson struck out, so did Samardzija. Inning over–huge opportunity wasted.

Wasted opportunities and a couple of successful pick‒off plays kept the Giants from scoring at all. The final score was:

Giants 0, Rockies 2

Winning the Sunday game would have been nice because Monday the Toronto Blue Jays come into town, fresh off the beating they took from the Dodgers in Canada. They might be pretty motivated.We have Jake Peavy on the mound, and it would be very nice to get a win from Peavy.  The Blue Jays are 16‒17 and the Giants are 17‒16. We’re motivated too. And there ain’t no Giant like a motivated Giant.

Maybe Hunter Pence can trot out his “I want to play another day with you…” speech.

#weareSF          #weareGIANT

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