SF Giants Home, bittersweet home

Cain 05.05 572c36e90abf6.image

It was good to be home. Until the fifth inning.

How do you spell RELIEF? Ouch! that’s gonna leave a mark.

Matt Cain had a terrible outing. Vin Mazzaro (tacked a 63.00 ERA for this outing), who relieved Cain, was worse. It was like the Peavy/Broadway game last week. One was bad and the other worse. Déjà vu all over again.

Derek Law‒further relief‒was better. He came into the game in the fifth with two outs to go, and although he wasn’t pitching with pinpoint precision, he stopped the bleeding or rather the hemorrhaging. No more Rockies were allowed to score after that horrible fifth inning.

Belt 05.05 Colorado+Rockies+v+San+Francisco+Giants+1OjcO8kKKLpl

Brandon Belt argues a called strike with the home plate ump in the 8th.



It was painful, it was ugly, it was downright unbearable. The Rockies made history in our ballpark, scoring the most runs they have ever scored in a single inning. The Rockies scored 13 runs in the 5th inning.

I am through spewing and spouting. Translated that means: “I’m done bitching and moaning.” I told you before about the guy on Facebook’s Kruk & Kuip page who reminded me that a loss is a loss‒no matter how many runs are scored‒7, 17 or 70‒if it’s more than what we have it’s still the same loss. They don’t get extra credit for kicking our ass all over the yard.

This game, I’m sure, will cause a spike in the number of comments by fans ranging from the ever-present “let’s get Timmy back” to “trade them, trade them both right now” or “something has to be done right now.” Manager Bruce Bochy won’t rush it. He will continue to give his pitchers a chance to get it right. When he’s ready, he’ll make the move.

Bochy has been doing his job a lot longer than the rest of us. Let’s face it, he knows what he’s doing.  Whatever he decides, in Bochy I trust. As for me, I’ll go back to crossing my fingers, toes and eyes, shaking my fist at the baseball gods and trotting out my troll dolls to work their magic. Can’t hurt.

Duffy 05.05 ChwHH2AUoAANoMv

The final score? Who cares? Just call it “the big L” or look above.

It’s Orange Friday at the yard and we all anticipate a better result than last night’s game. We should. We have Madison Bumgarner on the mound and he’s our top man. Game time is 7:15 pm and you can catch it on the regular channels.

You wait. It will be good to be home.

#weareSF          #weareGIANT

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